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Marvin Signature Brings New Life to Notre Dame

At the University of Notre Dame, tradition abounds. The magnificent campus contains dozens of architecturally significant buildings. And few are more important to the campus than Washington Hall and the Lafortune Student Center, dating from 1881 and 1883. Updating older buildings for modern performance can be a delicate proposition. The needs of history and aesthetics must be balanced with the ...
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Marvin's Great Solutions for Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season is officially here, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you live in America’s coastal areas, you probably don’t need a reminder. But what you may not realize is how windows and doors act as crucial hurricane protection. The most severe hurricane damage occurs when the “envelope” of a building is breached. If a window or d...
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contemp Illinois

Contemporary Design Growing More Popular; Architects Challenge Shows Why

Contemporary design continues to gain favor with designers and consumers, according to a recent design survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. And no wonder -- the clean lines and light, airy feel of contemporary design appeal to just about everyone. No wonder the Marvin Architects Challenge Showdown features a variety of beautiful contemporary designs. You can vote every day...
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How smart is your toilet?

For most of us, the toilet is a pretty humble appliance, mainly good for … well, you know (also a handy drink for the family dog when their bowl is too far away). But our phones are smart and our refrigerators are smart, so why shouldn’t our toilets be smart? MSN Money reports that various toilet manufacturers (especially Japanese manufacturers) are hitting the U.S. with more toilet o...
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Stunning Quebec Contemporary

This stunning home in the Gatineau Hills district of greater Ottawa, Quebec, uses an array of Marvin contemporary products to achieve a beautiful balance between modern and natural. This home embraces its earthy surroundings while opening the door to a contemporary aesthetic. The facade of reclaimed wood on the upper level, white cement board lining the lower, and large expanses of floor to ceil...
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Who would have thought a #dreamhome and studio could be found in an 1800's horse...

Who would have thought a #dreamhome and studio could be found in an 1800's horse stable?