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Toilet innovation

The bathroom is a room of necessity and you do what you’ve gotta do there. And of course odor issues are always an issue. You can try fans, room sprays, plug-ins, or even things like Poo-PourriĀ (spritzed directly in the toilet). Now Kohler has come up with a solution that leaves the odor elimination to its own product: the Purefresh toilet seat. It comes in three scents (Garden Waterfall, S...
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Let's talk grout

Let’s talk about the sexiest of all home topics: grout. There’s a design element to almost anything in your home and even lowly grout affects the look. Light or dark grout can look great or be a huge pain. Let’s talk pros and cons. Dark grout: Makes your tiles pop! Looks dramatic Might fade naturally throughout the years Needs to be cleaned with gentle cleaners in order to hel...
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A new favorite chair

When I was a child, there was almost nothing I liked more than laundry day, when my duvet and pillows would be piled high on my bed while waiting for a clean set of sheets to be put on. Being able to jump into that pile of fluffiness felt like diving into a cloud. (Of course, once the sheets were on and the bed was made, that was verboten.) Needless to say, this might be my dream chair: Looks ...
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Marvin's Great Solutions for Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season is officially here, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you live in America’s coastal areas, you probably don’t need a reminder. But what you may not realize is how windows and doors act as crucial hurricane protection. The most severe hurricane damage occurs when the “envelope” of a building is breached. If a window or d...
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contemp Illinois

Contemporary Design Growing More Popular; Architects Challenge Shows Why

Contemporary design continues to gain favor with designers and consumers, according to a recent design survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. And no wonder -- the clean lines and light, airy feel of contemporary design appeal to just about everyone. No wonder the Marvin Architects Challenge Showdown features a variety of beautiful contemporary designs. You can vote every day...
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A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.

A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.