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Let's talk grout

Let’s talk about the sexiest of all home topics: grout. There’s a design element to almost anything in your home and even lowly grout affects the look. Light or dark grout can look great or be a huge pain. Let’s talk pros and cons. Dark grout: Makes your tiles pop! Looks dramatic Might fade naturally throughout the years Needs to be cleaned with gentle cleaners in order to hel...
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A new favorite chair

When I was a child, there was almost nothing I liked more than laundry day, when my duvet and pillows would be piled high on my bed while waiting for a clean set of sheets to be put on. Being able to jump into that pile of fluffiness felt like diving into a cloud. (Of course, once the sheets were on and the bed was made, that was verboten.) Needless to say, this might be my dream chair: Looks ...
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Marvin's Great Solutions for Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season is officially here, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you live in America’s coastal areas, you probably don’t need a reminder. But what you may not realize is how windows and doors act as crucial hurricane protection. The most severe hurricane damage occurs when the “envelope” of a building is breached. If a window or d...
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Contemporary Design Growing More Popular; Architects Challenge Shows Why

Contemporary design continues to gain favor with designers and consumers, according to a recent design survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. And no wonder -- the clean lines and light, airy feel of contemporary design appeal to just about everyone. No wonder the Marvin Architects Challenge Showdown features a variety of beautiful contemporary designs. You can vote every day...
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How smart is your toilet?

For most of us, the toilet is a pretty humble appliance, mainly good for … well, you know (also a handy drink for the family dog when their bowl is too far away). But our phones are smart and our refrigerators are smart, so why shouldn’t our toilets be smart? MSN Money reports that various toilet manufacturers (especially Japanese manufacturers) are hitting the U.S. with more toilet o...
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The journey is complete! Marvin is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 Capitol Chr...

The journey is complete! Marvin is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 Capitol Christmas Tree, which has finally arrived at its home in Washington, D.C.!