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What women want (in a house)

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What do women want? That’s a pretty broad (no pun intended!) question, admittedly, but in housing at least, people have done some thinking as to what women want in their homes.

Here are some things that are important to the ladies, according to MSN Real Estate.

  • Apparently women really value bathing and want to see a Jacuzzi/hot tub in their bathroom. This was a bit of a surprise to us! A tub like that takes up a lot of space in the bathroom and we would have thought that a luxurious shower would take precedence. But if you love your baths, there’s nothing like sitting in a bubbly tub. But, at the same time…
  • Women also want a great shower to go along with that bath and they don’t want them combined. Which would make sense if you have a hot tub!
  • Female home buyers are also concerned about their security. Whether that means an alarm system, trimming hedges so that the front walkway is more open or a good neighborhood, women rank safety highly in their ideal house.
  • Layout matters! Women want to live in houses that have been designed for the way that people really live — so lots of open adaptable living spaces, mudrooms to keep the winter mess out, etc.

What do you think? Have you or the ladies in your life ever requested specific things like this when house hunting? Do you think these home wants are specific to just women?

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