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Taking the Reins: Being Your Own General Contractor

The Home Know-It-All, a site that covers all things home improvement, recently published a piece full of advice for anyone looking to save some money on a remodel or renovation project by acting as your own general contractor.

remodel_in_progressHighlights from the post:

Do your homework.
Study up and be prepared. Know what lies ahead…

Expect the unexpected.
…but understand that you’ll never be able to prepare for every potential hurdle. How will you deal with obstacles?

Find experienced subcontractors.
Just because you’re overseeing the project doesn’t mean you’re doing every bit of the work.

Get help.
General contractors cost money, but they bring experience to the table. If you’re new to the game, don’t shy away from helpful resources that can make your life a lot easier.

Of course, that’s just an overview of the advice. Be sure to check out the original post, and follow the links there for even more tips and advice.

Photo courtesy of jreed on Flickr

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