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Take a dip in the world's biggest pool

Wow. This is excessive and impressive at the same time. Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar resort, located on the Pacific Ocean, has built the world’s largest pool.

According to the Daily Mail:

  • This megapool equals 20 Olympic-sized pools
  • Lucky it’s near the ocean: 66 million gallons of ocean water go into the pool
  • It’s 115 feet deep (making it not only the world’s biggest pool, but the deepest as well)
  • It is warmed to a higher temperature than the sea from which it gets its water

In addition to swimming in this pool, you can boat and snorkel.

What do you think? Would you ever want to visit this resort and swim in the world’s biggest pool? Or would you rather be on the beach next to it?

Images courtesy of San Alfonso del Mar.

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