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Select the Wood Species With Best Coastal Performance for Your Windows

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Coastal environments will quickly expose substandard construction and materials. Sun, salt, wind and moisture take a harsh toll on homes and buildings.

In a coastal environment, windows and doors are even more important as your home’s first line of defense against the natural forces that try to intrude on your comfort and safety. It’s important to select the best-performing materials for the windows and doors in your home.

Marvin all-wood windows offer select, stable wood species that enhance performance year round, each with its own unique color, character and grain. They’re specially selected to have the high quality, beauty and durability characteristics you expect from Marvin. Vertical Grain Fir and Mahogany, known for their durability, provide high resistance to decay, and offer minimal shrinkage, making them the optimum choice for coastal areas.

If you prefer a clad window, keep in mind that Marvin’s aluminum cladding is far superior to competing products. Our aluminum cladding is extruded, while many competing products use roll-form aluminum. Think of the comparative thickness of a quarter versus a soda can — that’s how much better our aluminum cladding is. And our finish is unsurpassed, providing years of low-maintenance durability and a 20-year warranty against chalking and fading.

Finally, consider the benefits of Marvin’s StormPlus products. They’re designed to protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure, temperature extremes and more. They can even provide enhanced security against break-ins, an important consideration in coastal vacation homes.

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