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Sarah Susanka Talks About Windows and Design

Architect Sarah Susanka, author of the best-selling “Not So Big House” series, visited Marvin’s headquarter’s and manufacturing facility in Warroad, Minn., to see the window she designed as it took shape.

As part of the myMarvin campaign, Sarah was asked to design her dream window — then we built it. The video above shows the behind-the-scenes work involved in bringing Sarah’s inspiration to life, and she discusses her inspiration and design philosophy as well as the importance of windows and good lighting. You can see the design drawings, and more unique windows from other myMarvin designers, at

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CabinZen (Greg Krauska) Oct 26 2009 4:10PM
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RT @MarvinWindows Architect and author @sarahsusanka discusses windows, bringing light in, and her design inspiration: [link to post]

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