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Round-up of sleek, modern showers and bathtubs

Home design and decorating website DigsDigs does a great job of digging up some of the greatest finds in the world of modern design, interior decor and architecture. If you’re interested in modern style, you could spend hours clicking through the site’s many categories and photos and blog posts.

Today, though, we’re going to focus on just one small segment of DigsDigs’ modern tastes, sharing some highlights of the site’s finds in for the bathroom. Specifically, we wanted to share some of the great modern tubs and showers the site has featured.

For starters, check out this shower and bath combo from Twinline2. It’s certainly stylish, but it also deploys a rather simple element of universal design: a full-length door that eliminates the need to step over the high tub wall, a common cause of bathroom accident.

This freestanding oval-shaped tub from Castello certainly looks elegant, but that’s arguably more due to the color — sleek, shiny black — than the shape. As DigsDigs writes, “Black bathtubs always look very elegant and refined. Such bathtubs attract an attention and make people to dream about bathing in them.”

For fun, here’s a rather similar tub in bright, bold red, and another made of wood but with a pattern that makes it look like black marble.

This white tub with a wood “skirt” does a great job of marrying sleek, modern elegance with a more traditional (by way of the wood) feel that’d fit just about anywhere.

Speaking of wood tubs, here’s something from the funkier side: a wardrobe combined with a bathtub. DigsDigs explains: “Thanks to the specially designed joints that expand when they become wet the bath closet remains fully watertight. The wood, taken from a single larch tree, can be used in combination with water and gives out a pleasing pine aroma when the bath is filled.”

Could you ever see yourself using something like this?

Thanks to DigsDigs for digging up all of this great stuff!

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Wailea 7/12/2011 3:18:53 PM
Wow!!!! I absolutely love that wood tub. I would have to redo my entire bath but it would sooo worth it. Thanks for sharing.

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