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Making Your Own Freezer Jam

We’ve talked a little bit before about gardening on MLuxe. If you’re a fruit-grower, consider making some freezer jam. This is perfect for when you have a bumper crop of berries you can’t possibly eat, but it’s also an easy way to enjoy summer’s flavors on cold winter days.’s Frugal Living offers up some great tips on how to make freezer jam. You’ll want to collect the following things:

  • Fruit: the riper the better! Raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb all make great freezer jam
  • Pectin: acts as a thickener
  • Sugar: makes the jam sweet
  • Jars: you will want to make sure they are able to be frozen. Don’t forget to clean them well before beginning

The actual process for making the jam is simple. The Web site notes that some freezer jam recipes do call for cooking the fruit, so it never hurts to look around for recipes.

After washing the fruit and removing any stems, mash it with a potato masher. Combine sugar and pectin in a separate bowl. When they are completely blended together, mix them with the fruit for three minutes. Pour the jam into jars and let it thicken for 30 minutes. Freeze and enjoy!

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