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Make Your Home Easier to Clean By Design

Some homes are more difficult to keep clean than others, and it has nothing to do with the people who occupy it.

OK, not nothing, but its not entirely the fault of the homeowners.

Fact is, through carefully selecting the right colors, materials and textures, the cleanliness of your home can be made easier to maintain. Here’s some great tips from to drive the point home:

  1. Light to mid-range wood floors are the easiest to keep clean. Luxurious dark wood floors may look charming in catalogs and blogs, but wait until the dust and dirt accumulates. Surprisingly, dark wood floors hide very little.
  2. Storage, storage, storage. Have you ever heard a homeowner complain about having too much storage space? says, “Look for under-utilized opportunities to create storage behind stairways, underneath seats, and underneath windows and doors. Build that storage wherever it will be used the most.”
  3. And more storage! Sometimes, you can’t just add a closet or a den. Consider furniture with built-in storage. “Choose a couch that incorporates a place for blankets or remote controls, a coffee table with generous storage for magazines, books, remotes and board games, as well as tables with storage for silverware and table linens.”
  4. Dedicate your laundry room carefully. If you find clothes strewn about the house, it might have something to do with the location of your laundry room. “Instead, locate your laundry room near a bathroom or bedroom. That makes it easy to peel off your dirty clothes, and toss them into a laundry bin located not too far from your washer and dryer.”
  5. Invest in easy-to-clean paints and furniture coverings. Your home isn’t an art gallery. You can’t expect white paints, fabrics and floors to survive long if you have a family and/or pets. “Naturally, you will want washable paint surfaces. If you opt for wallpaper, look for easy-to-clean products that do not fade easily. When it comes to choosing furniture, you may find leather in darker colors like taupe, gray, chocolate, charcoal or black, easiest to keep clean, especially if you have kids and dogs.”

What have you done to make your home easier to keep clean?

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