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Loony loos: Wild toilets for the adventurous bathroom designer

Toilets are an essential part of any home (seriously, who would want to be without one?!), but for the most part the commode is a pretty staid white or beige affair. Pretty much the only excitement the average homeowner has when it comes to picking out their potty is the choice of one or two pieces. But some people have gone really wild when it comes to toilet design. MSN Now had a fun roundup that we encourage you to check out. Here are a few of what we think are the most interesting…

Does this terrify anyone else? Perhaps it would be appropriate at a dentist’s office?


Well, that’s one way to encourage good aim.


The ski bum in your life is going to love this one! It will feel like they’ve never left the slopes.


Take a gander at the rest here. What’s the strangest toilet you’ve ever encountered?

Images courtesy of MSN Now.

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