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Link Love: Vegetables, paint and more

Ask Martha: Vegetable Garden Basics
Martha Stewart
Martha shares her vegetable gardening wisdom in this video!

Do shipping container houses make sense for disaster relief housing?
“Japanese architect Yatsutaka Yoshimura has designed what he calls the ‘ex-container project,’ in what Designboom says is a ‘response to calls for disaster relief housing after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan.’”

11 tools everyone should have
Your Money
“Whether you rent or own your home, having a good set of tools, along with a little basic knowledge, is essential.”

Pantone Universe Paint Collection by Valspar
Design Milk
“The collection features 100 hues that range from classic neutrals to the most saturated brights, and everything in between, including the most recent PANTONE Color of the Year selections, Emerald and Tangerine Tango.”


Image courtesy of Design Milk

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This #DreamHome, tucked away in the woods of Quebec, is a modern, energy efficie...

This #DreamHome, tucked away in the woods of Quebec, is a modern, energy efficient retreat for nature lovers.