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Link Love: Thin, tiny and tall houses

10 of the world’s thinnest homes
MSN Real Estate
Check out this slideshow of super-thin homes from around the world. Do you think they’re a good use of limited space, or would you feel claustrophobic?

Managing Space in a Tiny Home
Tiny House Blog
“Tiny homes can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are incapable of accumulating useless junk. On the other, we as tiny home owners would often prefer to keep at least a portion of that junk. Fear not. There are ways to increase the amount of space available to store all of those wonderful items that you cannot live without.”

A Cozy Home in the World’s Tallest Timber Apartment Building
“Located in Melbourne,Forté is the world’s tallest timber apartment building and is filled with sustainable design features: strong, cross-laminated timber construction; rainwater capture use to flush the toilets; a bike and care share program; a veggie garden on each balcony; solar shading; the use of non-toxic materials. So when Ink & Spindle were asked to design a showcase apartment for the building’s launch, they jumped at the chance to showcase their idea of what a sustainable living space could be.”


One of the thinnest houses in America, located in Long Beach, Calif.

Image courtesy of MSN Real Estate

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Nathalia 7/7/2014 11:44:02 PM
Hi Donna, your note is really long, and I read it a few times tiyrng to figure out your rooms and problems. I say if you like where your artwork and mirror are placed, and the drapery rod would effect them, then have the rod on the window frame as you first suggested. If you want the window to look larger, and have another place for your decorative accessories then mount the rod out on the wall. In a small house like yours, follow the rules if you can, BUT if the rules don't work for you, than do the things you want, and enjoy what you have where it is. I think you have got a lot of things going RIGHT, especially with your use of mirrors to open up / give the illusion of space, and your color story sounds nice. I would like to see some kind of area rug on the floor, how about something shag like. A sculptured pile rug, with swirling patterns in a tone on tone would be another possible option. Both of the rugs would be soft looking against all the leather and other hard surfaces. Read my posts about making groupings of pictures, you could hang many framed mirrors in different frames all together to make a visual statement and bounce light and open up a lot of space. Start with , then read the other companion posts for more ideas.

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