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Link Love: Colored solar panels, floating wireless lights, and great design inspiration

Steal This Look: A Modern Townhouse on a Tight Budget
“Working with a tight budget of $40K, the duo turned a foreclosed mustard-yellow-walled-purple-staircased-shag-carpeted townhouse into a simple, clean space, outfitted with midcentury classics As Olson notes, ‘The project was more about creating an easy, casual, calm space rather than a lux vacation home.’”

Colored Solar Panels Hit California Market
Jetson Green
“I really like the dark-blue/black look of solar PV, but I suppose there may be someone that needs a different color, whether for aesthetics, compliance, or branding, etc. Colored Solar is trying to grab a toehold in this market with red, emerald green, forest green, and polished marble panels. In terms of panel efficiency, NREL found there is little performance compromised for a 16%+ efficiency colored 225W panel, according to Colored Solar.”

Floating Lights Could Illuminate Your House Without The Need For Wires!
“Reiger’s LevLight project uses wireless power and magnets to create floating lights, which, in theory, could be used to light up an entire house. The lights float thanks to a magnet on the light assembly and an electromagnetic coil hidden on the other side of the top panel for the enclosure. The design is hardly as simple as it sound.”

Before and Afters: Color Makes a World of Difference
Charles & Hudson
“YOLO Colorhouse shared some inspiring before and after photos [see photo above for an example] that show how adding a color can make an already fabulous looking room pop even more! We love that some of these after photos are very subtle but when you really take the time to look and imagine how it changes the feeling of the room, the color makes a huge difference.”

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