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Last Chance for $25,000 Home Makeover


Marvin is proud to be a sponsor of the $25,000 Save Money, Save Energy Sweepstakes, sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council and Better Homes and Gardens.

Tomorrow — Aug. 15 — is the last day to enter for a chance to win an energy-efficient home makeover. That’s a prize you could use for new, energy-efficient Marvin windows and doors. Energy-efficient windows pay for themselves in energy savings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And with every Marvin window and door Built around you®, your home will will not only be more efficient — it will reflect your personal style.

Energy efficiency is something we all can agree on — especially with $25,000 in your pocket to put it into practice! So be sure to enter the sweepstakes today.

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alba dejesus Aug 19 2013 3:04AM
i need to win this my house need alot of work and iam not working please choise me
Nancy Aug 16 2013 11:06PM
I agree and think and believe that this house is the best and has the most potential
Maggie Knepp Aug 15 2013 8:22PM
My house is over 38 years old and has never had new Windows or doors since it was built.....would be a dream come true!!!
Brenda Levos Aug 14 2013 5:53PM
We have a farm home that is 100 years old this year, what a better way to show our love and appreciation to this beautiful home which has seen so much history unfold!
Celena Jensen Aug 14 2013 4:42PM
We would LOVE to win a home makeover! We LOVE Marvin Windows and Doors! Thank you for entering me! Celena Jensen Kindergarten Teacher Roseau, Mn
Lori Blunt Aug 14 2013 4:41PM
My basement windows are original to my 1960's house. It would be wonderful to have new windows, and even an egress window or two.
chris reed Aug 14 2013 4:18PM
Love those windows
Donny Maxwell Aug 14 2013 3:58PM
My family would deeply appreciate something like this!

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