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Inside Every Marvin Window: Architectural Support

Starting in 1912, Marvin Windows and Doors has committed to providing the best made-to-order wood windows and doors in the industry. But the commitment doesn’t start and stop with the construction. Marvin staff work on architectural support, customer service, product support, research and development, sustainability and more.

Taking a closer look at the dedication given to each and every Marvin window, we’ve created the video series: Inside every Marvin window.

This is the third of four videos: Inside every Marvin window: Architectural support

Meet Dan Rood, III. He manages the architectural department at Marvin Windows and Doors, a team of 17 experts. Each of the experts ensures that the Marvin Windows and Doors’ catalog is just the starting point for the window or door each homeowner wants. From a custom design to a unique size, the team provides support throughout the entire window and door-making process to ensure that each product is “Built around you®.”

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