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Hurricane safety: Help protect your home with storm-ready windows from Marvin

Marvin StormPlus IZ3 casement and awning windows

Many communities along the U.S. East Coast have started to evacuate in anticipation of Hurricane Irene, which is expected to gain Category 4 strength this afternoon. Major cities like Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston are located right in storm’s projected path,  leaving millions of Americans concerned about hurricane insurance, disaster preparedness and what they just might come home to should they choose to evacuate.

Fortunately, now more than ever, homeowners have access to building products and materials created to withstand extreme weather conditions, giving them a fighting chance against unforeseen catastrophes like Hurricane Irene.

Storms like Irene are why Marvin Windows and Doors offers its StormPlus products, which offer all the luxury and elegance Marvin is known for, but the brute strength to take on hurricane winds upwards of 140 miles per hour. For instance, the Impact Zone 3 products were created for coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast. All IZ3 products are tested to endure wind-borne debris and intense changes in pressure. As a show of strength, IZ3 products must endure an 8-foot 2 x 4 stud shot at 50 feet per second.

To better understand the importance of a fortified home and disaster preparedness, we recommend visiting for tips on weathering Hurricane Irene and future storms to come. Among other things, they have created this video that shows what hurricane-force winds can do to a home whose windows break compared with a home whose windows stay intact.

We sure hope everyone out there is safe!

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Sacramento Heating and Air 8/27/2011 7:46:14 PM
Great tips, and just in time, too! The east coast is being threatened by Irene as we speak...hopefully people got their windows and everything else battened down before the storm...

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