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How would you change your house?

A while ago, we asked you if you could only change one thing in your kitchen, what would it be? Let’s expand that to asking what one thing in your entire house would you change? Here are some ideas:

  • Have you always wanted a fireplace for cozy winter evenings?
  • Maybe your “vintage” kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher
  • Are your white walls bothering you?
  • Would new windows make your house sparkle? (Hey, we know who can do that!)
  • Do you want to rip out your old carpets and install gleaming hardwood floors?
  • Does the thought of an additional bedroom or bathroom make your mouth water?
  • Or maybe a walk-in closet or finished basement would be the way to go

Tell us in the comments what one thing you’d change in your house if could. And maybe search around this site for some ideas and tips, like in our remodeling category.

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