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How to Re-Use Old Slides

‘Tis the season for spring cleaning. As you’re organizing and cleaning out closets, you may find boxes of old slides. What to do? That technology has long since passed into oblivion, but slides can represent many cherished memories. How do you make use of them without letting them sit in a box?

Inhabitat has an idea: make them into curtains! Unlike many DIY projects, the final product looks cool and modern–easily something that could fit in in the family room or front doorway.

And it’s simple: buy some aluminum chain rings, gather your slides and grab a small drill. You’ll be organized and decorated in no time!

Images courtesy of Inhabitat.

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Randy Hoiland 3/23/2010 2:08:57 PM
I love the idea but Caution! The sun will deteriorate the film quickly. Before displaying your slides like this consider investing in a scanner that will scan these old slides into digital images on your computer and preserve your memories plus be able to share them through email, facebook or print.

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