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H2O infusion on the go

Infusing water with fruits, vegetables or even herbs is a great way to get your daily H2O and make it a little more flavorful with a minimum of calories  We’ve covered how to infuse for a group before, but sometimes you just want a flavor infusion just for you. Yes, you can put the flavorings of your choice into something like a Nalgene bottle, but then they either disintegrate or you end up with them in your mouth as you drink.

Luckily, there’s a design solution for that!

The Flavor Infuser Water Bottle from Uncommon Goods has a little compartment for your flavorings. Just plop them in, fill the bottle with water and wait for the infusing magic (about 10 minutes). Try a new flavor every day. You might be surprised at what appeals to you (we love grape-apple, kiwi-mint, cucumber-dill and cherry-basil).

Do you like to infuse?


Image via Uncommon Goods.

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