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Good design: Foot-powered washer

Good design can make the world a better place, as evidenced by this idea: a foot-powered washer. According to Fast Company, Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You went to a slum in Lima, Peru, to “develop a commercial product that alleviates issues related to water poverty, targeted at people who earn between $4 and $10 a day.”

This is what they came up with:

This washer/dryer is used with a person sitting on top of it and operating the foot pedals. It also helps with drying the clothes. It’s an elegantly simple solution to cleaning clothes without having access to an automatic washer and drier.  Who knows, maybe someday this could even be used in the First World as an energy-efficient solution for small and/or delicate loads of clothing. What do you think?

Visit the article at Fast Company to learn more and see a video.

Image courtesy of Fast Company.

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