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Going green with goats: Lawn care without a lawnmower

Concerned about the state of your lawn and garden after this hard winter? Looking for a way to go green? Oh boy, have we ever got a solution for you: goats! Yes, goats, the adorably mischievous ruminants.

According to The Wall Street Journal via MSN, goats are becoming the new way to keep your lawn in tip-top shape without having to fire up the lawnmower or the weed whacker. Goats will eat almost anything, will work tirelessly at clearing lawns and are a great conversation starter!

Unless you live on a farm, you probably don’t want to invest in a goat, let alone a herd (and local code probably wouldn’t allow city dwellers to), but there are rental options, such as And what about the “fertilization” the goats naturally provide? Reputable goat rental companies will clean up after their animals.

So if you are seeking a unique, green way to clear your yard, how about letting some adorable hard-working goats do it (homeowners should check their local codes to find out if livestock rental is permitted and for what purposes)? Would you rent some goats to spruce up your yard? Let us know in the comments!

Image courtesy of Michael Vincent Miller on Flickr.

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Simon Oct 15 2011 8:55PM
Interesting article. I guess they could save you a lot of time and effort mowing the lawn. However, I wondered are there any weeds that might appear in the lawn that are toxic to goats?

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