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Fall Lawn Care Tips


We’ve discovered that it’s easy to remember the key to fall lawn care if you think of bears.

Yes, that’s right. Just as bears gorge on food before going into winter hibernation, your lawn needs a good feeding before it enters its own winter dormancy. Fall fertilizing is an important step in keeping your lawn healthy. Grass roots keep growing during the winter and they rely on the food they’ve stored.

Aeration is another piece of the lawn care puzzle, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots. Overseeding is a good practice, as well. The denser and thicker your lawn is, the better it’s able to naturally fight off insect and weeds.

Don’t let the leaves pile up, either — rake them regularly. The longer a mat of leaves stays on your lawn, the more your grass is deprived of sunlight and oxygen.

To summarize:

  • Fertilize
  • Aerate
  • Overseed
  • Rake

Follow those simple steps, and you should have a great-looking lawn in the spring.


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