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Don't let myths limit your paint options

If you are ever in search of cheap entertainment, make your way to the paint aisle at your nearest hardware store. When you get there, eavesdrop on some of the conversations consumers will often have while selecting paint

Mustard looks so dingy after a while. Seafoam is just a trend. Red feels so ominous.

Some of these arguments have merit, of course, but for whatever reason, many homeowners cling to paint myths that just can’t be proven true.

Here are some of the best zingers out there, courtesy of Lisa Frederick at Houzz, who recently interview Liz Williams of Liz Williams Interiors in Atlanta:

The myth: Dark wall colors make a room feel smaller.
The reality: Not necessarily, says Williams. ”If the room gets plenty of natural light and the trim is in high contrast with the wall color, the room can still seem crisp and light … For example, navy walls with very white trim and ceiling can feel nice and bright in the right room.”

The myth: Every room must be painted the same color to feel of a piece.
The reality:  ”Rather than all the same color, I prefer layer varying shades of a color room to room,” Williams says. “Rooms can all be tied together with a common trim paint, but varying the shade ever so slightly can help with the flow of the house.”

The myth: White rooms are boring.
The reality: They’re anything but, Williams says. “It all depends on what else is in the white room,” she declares. Create contrast with layers of texture, varied white tones or a few dark or bright elements. “White is a great background for almost anything — it can work with all-white furniture or with dark browns or also with lots of color. It is truly the most versatile. … There are so many whites from which to choose.”

What do you believe is the biggest paint myth? Are there any strict rules you abide when pick paint for your home?

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