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Modern look, sustainable materials help Overlook House win in myMarvin Architect's Challenge

Here’s another look at the winning entries of the 2011 myMarvin Architect’s Challenge.

As a brand-new residential construction on an existing footprint, The Overlook House achieves light environmental impact while producing visually rich and architecturally satisfying spaces.

With the goal of replacing a structurally compromised house that couldn’t be renovated, Marcus Gleysteen of Gleysteen Design took great care to design sensibly with sustainable materials. Using the best in effective building technology and energy use, both design and environmental sensibilities are apparent throughout all interior and exterior surfaces.

Clean, sharp lines and details set the stage for inviting light, spatial flow and family interaction. Individual living and working spaces are arranged around a central hall and stair, lighting and uniting the house. Rather than a series of formal rooms, the main level of the house characterizes a large loft, where the kitchen, dining and living areas are integrated. The more private sleeping areas are located in the upper level of the house. In a dramatic design move, the master bedroom cantilevers over the first floor, shading the terraces below and extending into the rich landscape.

Marvin products were essential to the design, allowing abundant natural light as the vision intended. While smaller windows face north and east towards the street and nearby homes, walls of glass overlook a private, natural landscape. The use of high-efficiency windows and solar shading allow for these expansive window walls.

Clerestory windows located in the main living loft and above the stairwell bring light into the center of the house throughout the day, animating the space. The interior to exterior transition is blurred by broad sliding doors that open to a patio, which further terraces down to a secluded garden overlooking marshland.


Picture Windows
Casement Windows
Awning Windows
Sliding Patio Doors
Electronically Operable Awning Windows

Images courtesy of Marcus Gleysteen

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Basement Doors 10/10/2011 9:37:08 AM
Wow! The style and design is really fabulous. I like the transparent windows overlooking the trees.

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