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Back to school: The perfect time for home improvement

Many children start school this week, and many more return to academic hallways next week, after Labor Day. After parents take a little while to enjoy the new-found peace and quiet, they’ll inevitably take a second to look around and notice all the things they didn’t get done this summer.

Makes sense. Summer’s busy. You’d much rather enjoy the weather and the long weekends and the vacations than spend time painting and organizing the garage. But now that the kids are back in school, you might find yourself with a little bit of spare time — and energy.

Interior decorator Kristie Barnett, writing for, offers up nine timely home projects to tackle during school hours. The idea being that each of these could safely fit within the handful of hours you might have between visits from the big yellow bus.

Here are a few from Barnett’s article:

  • Paint a room: The kitchen, in particular, can be a good project to tackle, she says — most of the wall space is taken up by cabinets, shortening the time it takes to prep and paint.
  • Organize and label: Home improvement need not require a trip to the home center for tools and building supplies. Take some time to tackle closet organization or that extra room that could be so much more than just a storage space.
  • Clean out the garage: Face it: You won’t want to do this during the winter. Pack away the summer toys and get out the shovel. Maybe take your snowblower in for a tune-up.

Of course, you could probably come with at least nine more projects to add to your own list just by looking around your house. Here’s one we’ll add, as it’s great to tackle before the cold of winter strikes: wash your windows.

What else can you get done during the school day?

[photo by cvogel via Flickr]

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