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Architect’s Challenge winner profile: Folly Farm by Dale Hubbard

“The mixture of forms here creates a fantastic variety of spaces, from the dramatic contemporary two-story box to the sloped roof ‘coziness’ of the farmhouse environment. The windows pull together the architecture. A great combination!”- Architect’s Challenge judge Bill Devereaux

Folly Farm is a contemporary expression of historic, additive farmhouse-style architecture. The energetic, creative clients wanted a contemporary design, with casual spaces for their young family to create, play and find inspiration. The home combines old and new, rich textures with simple yet age-old formal geometries. Not many projects can be described as “rugged” and “contemporary” in the same sentence, or as having “character” and “clean lines” — but this home can.

Check out a video overview of this project at Marvin Story Builders. To see more photos — and learn why this project earned the judges’ designation of “Best in Show” — see the project overview here.








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