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Architect's Challenge Showdown: Heading west

Will the West be won in the Marvin Architect’s Challenge Showdown? We’ve taken you through the East Coast, Midwest and South. Now let’s check out some of the projects of the wild West!

The conservatory, part of a full-house renovation, adds a light-filled indoor/outdoor sitting room as a comfortable, year-round complement to this 1930s stucco plaster home.

Santa Rita Conservatory

Santa Rita Conservatory by Heather Young of  Fergus Garber Young Architects

The Ute Rock Residence transformed an outdated home into the epitome of Aspen luxury. This project’s goal was to link the natural beauty of Colorado’s mountains to the warm living spaces for a growing family. Access to the expansive views and outdoor living areas required massive operable glazing, presenting technical challenges with Aspen’s rigid building codes. The architect was able to realize the vision of exterior connectivity bringing the outdoors into the living spaces of this residence.

Ute Rock

Ute Rock Residence by Steev Wilson of Forum Phi

This residence was designed for an empty-nest couple ready to downsize and trade their suburban home for an in-city, waterfront Seattle lifestyle. The compact home is efficiently designed at 2,500 square feet, provides for aging in place, and incorporates built-green and low-maintenance principles.

Riviera Pl. House

Riviera Pl. House by Gerald Chihara of Chihara Architect

A new commercial office and showroom for a Montana lumberyard showcases the rustic timber frame construction.

Marks Lumber

Marks Lumber by Scott Cromwell of Slate Architecture

If you like these projects, then you’ll want to vote right away! Round one of the Showdown ends soon, so make your vote count!

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