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A tiny, luxurious, motorhome

If you’ve ever loaded up your RV for a road trip, you know the joy that comes from being out on the open road in your own little moving home. But you probably wouldn’t describe it as luxurious. Unless of course, you’re the proud owner of the eleMMent PALAZZO Mobile Home.

This 430-square-foot RV has all the trappings one would require for roadtripping that is a class above the rest. There’s a big screen TV, a fireplace, a master bedroom and the vehicle  appears to be gold-colored. When you’ve stopped for the night (no doing this while the vehicle is moving!) you can enjoy a meal on the rooftop deck. And Yahoo tells us that the eleMMent PALAZZO can wash itself. Wow!

The über-luxury motorhome comes from Dubai and retails for $3.1 million.

What do you think? Is a Winnebago enough or would you ever want to try this out? Either way, it is certainly impressive what they managed to fit in a pretty small space!



Images courtesy of Yahoo! Cars UK & Ireland

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