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A new tub-shower combo

While perusing the latest news on Apartment Therapy, we saw their beautiful slideshow of cool bathrooms. You should check it out! One picture in particular captivated us:

It’s a modern and chic take onthe bathroom, with what appears to be slate floors and walls, lots of natural light and a monochromatic look accentuated with pops of color.

But it’s the bath-shower that really¬†draws¬†attention. We love the curved showerhead that allows water to pour down like a waterfall and we especially love the sunken tub. It makes the bathroom look 10 times bigger. The eye barely registers that it is a tub-shower combination.

The one thing we wonder though: Is it safe? Without any (visible) handrails, could stepping down into the tub be more of a falling risk? What do you think? Is a sunken tub-shower combination a fresh new look for the bathroom?

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Ashley Watson 3/1/2012 1:21:38 PM
Hi Marvin, From the pic above where can you purchase a tub/shower like this? Thanks
Marvin Windows 3/1/2012 5:07:10 PM
That photo came from the Apartment Therapy post we linked to. If you follow the link trail from there, you end up at this French site: But there, the trail goes cold, as they just point to the home page. But really, it doesn't look like there's much "product" to buy there. It looks like a custom-built item, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by!
@DigsRetro 5/24/2011 11:40:23 AM
I'm pretty sure the surfaces are concrete and not slate.
Burke Gardner 5/24/2011 11:27:01 AM
I like it! I can't imagine it's any more of a falling risk than stepping up and over a tub edge. I'm also sure that if the homeowner was concerned a handrail or grasp could always be added.

A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.

A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.