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Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

¬†Who doesn’t have fond memories of childhood visits to Grandma’s house — and skinned knees from the green, scratchy AstroTurf-looking outdoor rug on Grandma’s deck that was brought out of hibernation year after year? Luckily, today there are many more choices and options for indoor/outdoor rugs than ever before. For inspiration, check out this collection of super ...
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Amazing Vertical Urban Garden in NYC

What to do when you live in Manhattan, space is limited, but you want a garden? Go up, not out. This vertical garden by landscape architects Nelson Byrd Woltz is the focus of a fascinating Q&A with lead designer Thomas Woltz in Dwell magazine. Woltz discusses how you sometimes have to think like a bird and explains why even people in urban areas need to find ways to be in touch with na...
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coastal deck

Select the Wood Species With Best Coastal Performance for Your Windows

Coastal environments will quickly expose substandard construction and materials. Sun, salt, wind and moisture take a harsh toll on homes and buildings. In a coastal environment, windows and doors are even more important as your home’s first line of defense against the natural forces that try to intrude on your comfort and safety. It’s important to select the best-performing mat...
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Fall Lawn Care Tips

We’ve discovered that it’s easy to remember the key to fall lawn care if you think of bears. Yes, that’s right. Just as bears gorge on food before going into winter hibernation, your lawn needs a good feeding before it enters its own winter dormancy. Fall fertilizing is an important step in keeping your lawn healthy. Grass roots keep growing during the winter and they rel...
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coastal lighthouse

The Best Window Solutions for Coastal Climates

It’s impossible to get any more “coastal” than the headquarters building of the Ocean Alliance. The group’s newly renovated home, in a former paint factory, stands on the Atlantic shore in Gloucester, Mass. Builder Geoffrey Richon of the Geoffrey H. Richon Co., who led the renovations, summed up the approach this way: “When you’re installing windows, you...
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The countdown has begun. T-minus two weeks. Don't miss your chance to enter the...

The countdown has begun. T-minus two weeks. Don't miss your chance to enter the 2014 Marvin Architects Challenge!