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2015 Trends to Watch

With the first full week of 2015 under our belts, we’re excited to see what fun home trends take hold this year. From interesting patterns and interior design to updates and classic pieces, here are five trends we’re most excited to see in months to come. Mixed Metals The Wall Street Journal recently called this idea out in its piece, Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015. While old-school rules ...
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An interesting source for reclaimed wood

Ahoy ye landlubbers! If you love the romance and glamour of life on the ocean, this kitchen is going to really inspire you! Glaswegian Laura decided to remodel her kitchen with reclaimed products from old buildings (fairly normal) and old ships. Now, we have heard of using reclaimed barn wood, old barrels, even old logs found at the bottom of rivers. But reclaiming old ships is a new one. But why...
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Modern Monday: Romanian Lakeshore Home

It’s hard to beat a property that sits perfectly between an ample forest and calm lake. This home takes advantage of its gorgeous views using amazing large windows and doors on all sides of the residence. The interior features a fun mix of textures, and the dining room’s high celling and mirrored attic wall further open up the space. Escape to Romania with more photos of this lakesh...
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Color my world

Color is one of the top ways to make any room look more interesting. And if you want guidance on color, Pantone is probably going to be one of your top resources. If you want to know about trends (like the color of the year!) in both home and fashion, what goes well with what, and printing for any kind of medium, Pantone is the place for you. And if you really have a color obsession, now you can ...
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Book shelf or e-reader?

E-readers like the Kindle or Nook are all the rage these days. How amazing is it to carry a library with you? For situations like travel, an e-reader can’t be beat. No more having to haul heavy books around! But for the home, books can be an aspect of your decor. After all, the library was an entirely seperate room in grand old houses. Today’s homeowners and renters might not need a l...
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After last week's exciting and successful The International Builders' Show (IBS)...

After last week's exciting and successful The International Builders' Show (IBS), we reflect on the show's biggest takeaways:

2015 IBS ...