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The Art of Traditional

Marvin recently had the opportunity to sit down with a pair of builders from the Southern Living Custom Builder program to learn more about how their process and how they use Marvin. Here, Stone Acorn Builders from Houston show how Marvin Windows and Doors makes a traditional home perfectly beautiful.       More from Marvin:   Try Marvin's free Online Remodeling Pla...
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Modern Monday: A Colorado Escape

Ever dreamed of escaping the overcrowded city streets and waking up to views of the gorgeous mountainside? That’s exactly what homeowner Ruth Hiller did, she left New York City behind for the peaceful, snowy slopes of Colorado. Hiller set her sights on a 1960s ranch house in need of some serious remodeling. Due to the property’s steep slope, only half of the plot was considered buildable land. ...
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Falling off a cliff (or not)

We love unusual houses and this might be one of the coolest we have ever seen. It might also take the trophy for most sickness-inducing house. It sort of looks like a house that got blown over in a storm and is now clinging–just barely–to a cliff’s side. However, this is actually the way this house is supposed to be! Modscape, an Australian architectural firm, was “Inspi...
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Monday Monday: Small Cabin Luxury

            Sometimes luxury is synonymous with large and extravagant, but this prefab cabin in Norway is a refreshing exception. With a list of ambitious requirements from the owner and very little square footage to work with, architect Marianne Borge was able to incorporate her client’s needs in a modern, efficient way.   Much of the cabin’s character...
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Dancing under water

Does anyone have any slightly off-the-wall ideas of what you’d want in a dream house? We’re not necessarily talking about things like a home theater and double ovens in the kitchen. More things like a basement bowling alley where your team can perfect their strikes or maybe a conservatory to grow lemon trees in a northern climate. Me? If I ever buy an old Victorian house, I want it to ...
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A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.

A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.