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Coastal Building Poses Special Challenges

There’s no tougher environment for buildings than on the coast. Coastal environments dish out salt, sun, wind, sand, storms and moisture — all of them elements that can degrade a building before its time. Windows and doors are perhaps the most critical pieces of a coastal building. As the only features intended to bridge indoors and out, they must do their job without fail R...
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An Open and Shut Home

This home on Italy’s Adriatic coast is closely surrounded by other properties in a popular resort area. The design challenge: allow for privacy while retaining a sense of openness. Challenge met. An open plaza area is surrounded on all four sides by sight barriers, allowing residents and guests full exposure to the outdoors while keeping their activities private. Further privacy is a...
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Surreal beauty: Palacio de Cristal

This stunning Spanish building, originally used as a greenhouse, is the epitome of of the phrase “light-filled”. ┬áCombine glass with just the right sort of lighting and magic can happen, as artist Kimsooja demonstrated. She “had the whole floor tiled in mirrors. She then covers the vault and the entire glass surface of the palace with a translucent diffraction film. When o...
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How Australia Does Modern

Concrete block is a fairly common building material in coastal areas, but it’s often painted or somehow softened visually. Not on this beach house in Perth, Australia, which boldly lets the stark concrete blocks speak for themselves. But other elements of the home help to refine the blunt visual force of the concrete. Light, open spaces, and an interior courtyard, bring a sense of ai...
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Which state has the most expensive dream home?

For most of us, a home will be the most expensive thing we ever buy. And someone among us has to own the most expensive one, right? Business Insider profiled the most expensive homes for sale across the country. Take a look at the article and figure out which is the highest-priced home in your state. Here are a few we think are noteworthy. North Dakota’s most expensive home is the le...
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If you live on the coast you deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you. So...

If you live on the coast you deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you. So do Marvin windows and doors. Check out our coastal solutions.