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Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

We have a lot to be thankful for today, top of the list being our MLuxe readers. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. Eat turkey and celebrate! We’ll see you back here next week. -image- More from Marvin:   Try Marvin's free Online Remodeling Planner for inspiration and organization   Sign up for email updates about new Marvin products &n...
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Turkeys and windows

The Marvin factory in Warroad, Minn., generates truckloads of wood shavings every day. No surprise there, but here’s the fun part: Most of those shavings go to turkeys. Shavings from Marvin’s wood processing operations are sold to turkey farmers because they’re dry, fluffy and perfect for turkey bedding. White and ponderosa pines in particular perform very well in the barns. One truckload of shav...
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A Old Passive Home is Brought into the 21st Century

This light-filled California residence was once the home of a submarine engineer in the 1950s. One of the first passive-solar homes in the state, the house was clearly inspired by sun and eart​h and was constructed using only redwood, glass, concrete and stainless steel. From above, the structure looks like a nautilus shell, and the kitchen counter “aligns with the sun’s angle at t...
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Link Love: Turkey and more

The United States of Thanksgiving New York Times Have you ever wondered what the most popular Thanksgiving food is in every state? Apparently in Colorado it’s pecan pie bites with gravy. Oh my. Seven traffic tips to get you to the Thanksgiving table Google Blog “You’ve got enough on your plate this Thanksgiving without having to worry about traffic, too. So, Google Maps looked a...
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Modern Monday: A Maryland Home Gets a Major Makeover

It’s hard to believe this is the same house from the before images. This private residence called upon Shinberg.Levinas and Oehme van Sweden & Associates to recreate the interior space and develop the gorgeous landscaping. To give the home a more modern feel, the exterior red brick was painted white. Interior walls were removed to create a larger living space and floor-to-celing windo...
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A 1920s oceanfront mansion returns to its former #dreamhome status. Check out th...

A 1920s oceanfront mansion returns to its former #dreamhome status. Check out the before and after pictures:

David Easton Restores a Palm Beach Landmark to ...