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A new use for your pumpkins

Editor’s note: It’s getting spooky around here with Halloween on the horizon! This week and next, we will be running some of our favorite past Halloween posts. If you have a leftover uncarved pumpkin from Halloween (sorry, this wouldn’t work with Jack o’ Lanterns), a pumpkin keg would be a great way to use it up. It’s simple: Remove top of pumkin Carve out the pumpkin’s innards Carv...
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A Breathtaking Zig-Zag Villa in Athens

Sitting atop a hillside and overlooking the Aegean Sea, it’s not hard to find a picture-perfect view from this Athen’s home. Floor-to-ceiling windows scale a majority of the rooms, and the unique zig-zag structure creates a limitless patio on each floor. The residence takes advantage of the incredibly steep property, and the final result is breathtaking – especially when lit up a...
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Here's a deal for you...

How much would you pay for a fixer-upper in a nice city? What if the exterior was absolutely stunning and the inside needed some serious work? $100,000? $50,000? How about $1? Yes, someone bought this for $1:  Wow. Of course, the new owners’ total outlay wasn’t really $1. The inside needed some work to say the least! The owners had to balance restoring a historic property and prese...
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Welcome aboard this Boeing 727

People have diverse interests, and for those who love planes, beaches and tropical vacations there is a place for you: The Fuselage Home in Costa Rica. It’s made out of an old Boeing 727 (they have added some terraces on to the exterior, and there is even a deck on the right wing). As cool as the outside looks, it’s inside that the real luxury begins. All the old seats have been remov...
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Small house, big life

Small house pros: more environmentally friendly, easy to clean, a definite conversation starter! Small house cons: it’s small. However, this can be mitigated by good design. The New York Times recently profiled a Portland, Ore. couple who tore down a 2-bedroom house in favor of building a 704 square foot home. Their criteria when building included things like: The house could be vacuumed...
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What to do with your pumpkins after Halloween? Here's an idea:

What to do with your pumpkins after Halloween? Here's an idea: