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Uniquely beautiful residence reflects local history

“The warmth of this dramatic wood home is enhanced by the glass — the inside/outside of the kitchen and outside covered terrace with the continuation of materials creates an inviting yet very dramatic space.” –Bill Devereaux

A new residence located on a sloping site was designed to take full advantage of its mountainous surroundings. The arrangement of building volumes allows the grade and water to flow around the project. The primary living spaces are located on the upper level, providing access to the light, air and views of the landscape.

This design embraced the materials, methods and forms of traditional northeastern rural building, but with a definitive clean, modern twist. The spectacular nature of the site, set at the head of a broad valley in the Green Mountains of Vermont, deserved more than a typical stylistic solution. This house is neither traditional nor modern. It simply fits its time, place and purpose.

Marvin windows on the upper level promote access to natural light, fresh air and stunning views for the primary living spaces. Marvin provided the range of sizes and configurations needed to realize the concept and final design.

Marvin Products Used:

Special Shape Window
Ultimate Awning Window
Ultimate Casement Window
Ultimate Sliding French Door

Photography by: MGA, Erica Allen


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