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Mountain view home unites with surrounding landscape

“Great modern house. Simple, direct massing. A very warm take on the glass box with the weathered wood and dark structure, window frames, and trim. Well executed.”
–David Furman

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this residence overlooks a lake with expansive mountain views beyond. Its design ties the home to its surroundings, and enhances the ability to experience both home and nature together. The architect delivered a design that captured the essence of its place, while not overstating its presence within the whole.

Inspiration for this design was found in the lay of the land, its natural beauty and assets, as well as the simplicity of the surrounding vernacular agrarian buildings. The aim was to achieve the clients’ desire to be deeply connected to the land with a clean, modern and simple work of architecture.

The windows were an integral component in the home design, providing the large expanses of high-performing windowed walls, essential to connecting with the surrounding landscape. These standard windows were customized to achieve, within budget, a continuous expanse of glass not possible within the boundaries of a typical residential window system.

Marvin Products Used:

Special Shape Window
Ultimate Awning Window
Ultimate Casement Window
Ultimate Swinging French Door

Photography by: Frontier Group


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