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Nature preserve embodies agrarian design aesthetic

“Nicely executed center with well-coordinated materials, color palette, and design reinforcing the straight forward approach.”
- David Furman

The LenFest Management and Preserve Center is a 10,000 square-foot facility designed to promote the preservation and maintenance of natural resources with public outreach, and education. The newly built center is nestled in a hillside of the preserve with views in all directions, and created in a traditional and agrarian aesthetic.

The environment inspired the design aesthetics while the building’s purpose was driven by the organization’s mission. The architectural design, material selection, colors, scale, texture and character all draw on the region’s agrarian heritage.

Overall beauty, sustainability, and long-term quality were the primary concerns of the build. Marvin windows met the architect’s requirements for extensive daylight, beautiful views and sightlines and profiles contributing to the traditional and agrarian design aesthetic.

Marvin Products Used:

Special Shape Window
Ultimate Awning Window
Ultimate Casement Window
Ultimate Double Hung Window
Commercial Door

Photography by: Angle Eye Photography


A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.

A true winter wonderland! The Nevada Governor's mansion is a holiday #dreamhome.