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Sustainable home celebrates its landscape

“Interesting collage of materials, color, and textures which break down the rather large and plain mass into a compelling project.”
-David Furman

Beginning with a goal of creating direct connection to the site, Bragg Hill was designed to celebrate the landscape, while seamlessly incorporating sustainability. Through responsible design, the goals of the project were interwoven with sustainability and provided opportunities to capture breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, while utilizing those same portals to bring light and warmth into the home.

The architect feels “buildings should be bridges that form and retain connections to nature, culture, and among people, with a positive impact.” While new in spirit and function, this home design was inspired by the barn structures dotting the Chester County landscape. With careful consideration, the home was sited to take advantage of the natural terrain, views, sun location, and prevailing breezes.

Marvin offers timeless design that incorporated elegantly with this modern take on 18th-century barns. Marvin also provides the perfect palette of sizes and colors to create a proportionate exterior form. From the interior, the views from the windows highlight the landscape, and bring in an abundance of natural light while maximizing energy efficiency.

Marvin Products Used:

Sliding Patio Door
Ultimate Awning Window
Ultimate Casement Window
Ultimate Double Hung Window
Ultimate Glider Window
Ultimate Swinging French Door

Photography by: Jeffrey Totaro


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