Douglas Larson
Douglas Larson
Larson and Paul Architects
New York, New York
Countryside Retreat
Stanfordville, New York
19th century form meets 21st century design.

This meticulously considered renovation transformed a decrepit 19th century farmhouse into a weekend retreat for a New York City family.

A plan to preserve the original structure as well as harvest as many reusable materials as possible, resulted in the creation of a comfortable, modern, green design while


maintaining the simplicity and charm of the home’s history.

Of particular note, restoration of the original post and beam framing allowed for installation of an open wall of glass featuring Marvin Wood Ultimate Sliding French Doors to showcase a stunning mountain view on one of Duchess County’s most scenic country roads.

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Timeless, state-of-the-art and #HandcraftedinAmerica. Take in the summer views w...

Timeless, state-of-the-art and #HandcraftedinAmerica. Take in the summer views with Marvin's Double Hung Magnum: #MarvinWindows