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The Architects Challenge Showdown winner
is the modern summer cottage in Massachusetts.

Lian Eoyang, the designer of Summer Cottage, will receive a trip to the 2014 Reinvention Symposium in Washington D.C.

Lian Eoyang photo

Lian Eoyang

Summer Cottage

This formerly dilapidated cottage along Boston Harbor was razed and built anew using hand-cut fieldstone, creating a natural structural extension of the rocky shore. This two-story home features raised ceilings and full-length windows, creating beautiful 180-degree panoramas of the harbor and skyline. Marvin windows provide uncompromised views and a transparent barrier from the rugged terrain. Marvin's windows and doors provide a window balanced by modern lines and historic New England heritage. These products create a sophisticated, minimalistic look and promise high performance under the harshest weather conditions.

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01 1113 Residential - Small Massachusetts Eoyang Lian Eoyang Rocky Shoreline Inspires Modern “Summer Cottage” MA VIF Studio This formerly dilapidated cottage along Boston Harbor was razed and built anew using hand-cut fieldstone, creating a natural structural extension of the rocky shore. This two-story home features raised ceilings and full-length windows, creating beautiful 180-degree panoramas of the harbor and skyline. Marvin windows provide uncompromised views and a transparent barrier from the rugged terrain. Marvin's windows and doors provide a window balanced by modern lines and historic New England heritage. These products create a sophisticated, minimalistic look and promise high performance under the harshest weather conditions.
Round 5 Finalists - Closed to Voting
01 1148 Residential - Large New York Ramsgard Andrew Ramsgard Skaneateles Lake House NY Ramsgard Architectural Design P.C., Inc. A new custom lake house designed on a west-facing site, steeply sloping. The house was designed in a Transitional style on a lakefront property. Key elements in the design were to create open, light and airy spaces as well as maximizing the beautiful vistas of the lake and to create an aesthetic that was in context with the traditional architecture of the community. The project was inspired by the East Lake movement of 19th century architecture and detail, but with sweeping views, a more open floor plan and the essence of a contemporary lifestyle.
02 1055 Residential - Large Florida Kelly Joe Kelly Ohana Family Retreat FL Guy Peterson | OFA Inc. This expressive single-family vacation home is a renovation and addition designed with the modern vernacular of the Sarasota School of Architecture, a style that this tropical region is known for. Woven into the aesthetic are African and French Polynesian influences, which represent the clients’ love for these remote locations. The clean profile and beautiful wood grain of the mahogany and Douglas fir frames complement the design and add warmth to the space. A multitude of Marvin French doors and casement windows brings sunlight and ocean air into the living quarters.
Round 4 Finalists - Closed to Voting
01 1156 Residential - Large Florida Stofft Randall Stofft Paradise at the Pier FL Stofft Cooney Architects This project offered the opportunity to design a unique, custom estate on the Gulf of Mexico in Old Naples. Stylistically, the client desired a traditional Old Florida residence with authentic detailing that would be meticulously integrated with modern amenities and materials. Architects, developer, engineers and interior designer worked closely together so that no detail was left unnoticed.
02 1200 Residential - Large Florida Jauregui Luis Jauregui Italianate Villa FL Eastshore Architects This 12,000-square-foot Italianate Villa is located on Davis Island in Tampa, Florida. It consists of a two-story raised concrete structure that includes a concrete roof and guest house, which frames a spacious motor court, and waterfront views toward the Gulf of Mexico. This engaging home is bathed in natural light throughout. Marvin windows offered the necessary impact resistance, architectural detailing, energy savings and color choices. This home is designed to meet Category II hurricane standards, utilizing a complete concrete roof system and only the highest-quality products.
Round 3 Finalists - Closed to Voting
01 1111 Residential - Large Illinois Shafer John Shafer Lake Springfield residence IL Shafer Architects The homeowners began this project with two guidelines: include a 1,200-square-foot great room and avoid crown molding. This contemporary lake home satisfies these goals while accomplishing much more. The general design gained much inspiration from the body of water it overlooks. Each main living space features views of the water, and the layout follows the contours of the shoreline. The exterior consists of traditional materials such as Wisconsin limestone, Vermont slate, western red cedar and rich mahogany, all of which have been rendered in a modern design. The many size, shape and color options afforded by Marvin allowed for unique and creative views in every space.
02 1212 Residential - Large Tennessee Wilson Scott Wilson Multi-Generational Home TN Scott Wilson Architect, LLC This family home was designed as a multi-generational home for a working couple and a live-in parent. The owners requested a home that would age gracefully with the wooded lot and still be a good fit for the new neighborhood. The home incorporates natural materials such as cedar and stone to blend with the palette of the trees and rock found on the site. Views inside the home and outside are all very intentional to capture views of the site at different times of the day and to let the daylight create different moods in the home as the sun moves throughout the day.
03 1126 Commercial New York Russo Francesca Russo The Actors Studio NY Francesca Russo Architect This replacement project displays faithful restoration and accurate historical details. Marvin Windows and Doors provide adaptable double hung windows that meet the stringent landmark preservation standards, lending a weather-tight and acoustically controlled product that increases the functionality of the home as well.
04 1042 Commercial Michigan Behrens John Behrens Willow Creek Community Church, Camp Paradise Chapel Building MI John M. Behrens, Architect Near the banks of the Tahquamenon River lies this natural place of worship, which was designed to inspire Christian youth campers visiting the wilderness of Upper Michigan. This remote location provides an idyllic setting for reflection, and Marvin's windows and doors are a pivotal part of the design. Marvin’s large casement windows and patio doors allow plenty of natural light into the space, and the custom windows near the entrance complement the natural timber frame structure. Several years of planning by a team of dedicated volunteers helped this space become a reality and an inspiration for camp visitors for years to come.
05 1098 Residential - Large Massachusetts Reck Andrew Reck Sears Road MA Oak Hill Architects This timeless design replaces an older home too small for a growing family but located on a lot the homeowners still treasure. This residence features functional and contemporary spaces that keep with a traditional exterior design, defined by classic detailing and clean finishes. The use of Marvin's windows and doors complements an open floor plan, visually connecting living areas while maximizing backyard views. Marvin windows meet the needs of modern energy efficiency while maintaining a historic look and feel. The unmatched premium quality and custom capabilities of these products contribute to an uncompromising design that will be enjoyed for years to come.
06 1196 Residential - Small Kentucky Jackson Mary Jackson Suburban Home Remodel KY Mary Herd Jackson, Architect This remodel succeeded in enhancing the living and entertaining spaces of a traditional suburban home while staying functional and inviting. The addition of two windows in the family room added natural light to both rooms. The kitchen was gutted, rearranged and enlarged, improving function, circulation and aesthetics. The breakfast table became part of a built-in banquette, set into the existing bay but with new Marvin windows. The bay connects to both the office and the master porch. Lights from both continue to illuminate the bedroom. A window was added to the side of the existing master bath to compensate for the previous rear window.
07 1181 Commercial New York Siegel Benjamin Siegel Foundry Lofts NY BMS Design Studio This project features the restoration of a 100,000-square-foot Taylor Signal Company complex that was constructed from 1901 to 1906. The project will breathe new life into the district and act as a catalyst for more development in the area. Inspiration for the exterior came from a historic image from the early 20th century that showed the structure as it was during that era. The inspiration for the interior of the building was derived from a desire to create a 24/7 hub of activity and inter-connectivity.
08 1170 Residential - Small Michigan Robbins Celeste Robbins Harbert Residence MI Robbins Architecture Inc. This single-family vacation home on the Michigan shoreline accomplished the balance of large, glass window walls with the quaint beach aesthetic that was found on the neighboring dunes. Drawing from the vernacular language of nearby beach porches, a composition of flat and gable roofs was designed. This blending of rooflines enabled the ability to maintain the scale of a beach cottage without compromising the fullness of the lake views. The result was a home that continuously displays Lake Michigan as you move throughout the home. From the front door to the upper bedroom suites, the home reminds you why you came to the water’s edge.
09 1119 Residential - Large New Jersey Passacantando Andrew Passacantando Shingle Style Residence NJ Passacantando Architects This timeless Shingle-style residence sits on seven rural acres, providing a natural landscape that informs much of the design. The residence overlooks a windswept valley that inspires the large, sweeping overhangs on the façade. An open floor plan supplements a traditional interior layout that accommodates family gatherings and evening entertaining. Marvin’s Ultimate line of double-hung and casement units provides quality and operational ease while providing flexibility and aesthetic benefits that enhance the design. The exterior bronze cladding and the windows and doors provide a nice contrast to the white trim work.
10 1134 Residential - Small New York Herzberg Matthew Herzberg Kinderhook Village House NY James Dixon Architect The transformation of this 19th century home unifies a patchwork history of renovations and provides traditional appearances keeping with the guidelines of the historic village committee. Greater connectivity now exists between rooms while a new gambrel roof gives a spacious, airy quality to the second floor. Marvin products bring a traditional look and feel while achieving modern standards of efficiency and performance. The customized Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows replicate the existing cottage-style sashes and provide ample opportunities for light and ventilation.
11 1224 Residential - Large Tennessee Wilson Scott Wilson Timeless Family Home TN Scott Wilson Architect, LLC This single-family residence was designed to provide a lifetime home for a growing family. The home flows in a way that promotes interaction and intimacy despite being considered a large home. The definition of space inside and out allows for a wide variety of activities to occur without disruption to other areas and provides a very relaxing quality. The timeless design was inspired by turn-of-the-century American country homes that blend influences from European country homes in a uniquely new-world manner. The windows were an important element in bringing daylight into the house as well as connecting the interior to outdoor spaces.
12 1045 Residential - Large New Jersey Andricsak Dean Andricsak French Chateau NJ D2A Architecture and Design, LLC This custom home inspired by traditional French architecture focuses on space and comfort. The characteristics most important to the client were creating views to the exterior as well as building a literal flow from one room to the next. Marvin products allowed for maximum transparency to the outdoors while capturing characteristics of classic French design, utilizing products such as the arch top French doors, casement windows and custom picture windows. Marvin’s ability to customize several window groups provided the residence with exceptional products that fit very specific needs.
13 1024 Residential - Small Connecticut Pagliaro Christopher Pagliaro Edgewater Hillside CT Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects This unique waterfront home was built to conform to the restraints of its location on a tidal wetland. The associated regulations shrunk the allowable building footprint to 1700 square feet and average house depth to 20 feet. Normally significant deterrents, these restrictions became afterthoughts due to the expansive water views and contagious client enthusiasm. The restricted void created the narrow shape of the house, defined by an undulating cement plaster surface in the front and a faceted glass plane facing the water. A meticulously detailed home has been crafted within these two screens, creating a form filled with expansive vistas enlivened by sunlight filtering through Marvin casement windows.
14 1096 Residential - Large Maine Tyson Russ Tyson Oceanfront Cottage ME Whitten Architects This shingle-style cottage in a small coastal village provides its owners a cherished spot on Maine’s rocky coastline. This home adapts to its immediate surroundings and responds to views while keeping solar orientation in mind. Sited one block east of a home the owners had summered in for years, the new house conveys a commanding 180-degree view of the ocean and surrounding natural beauty, while providing the sense that the home had always been there. Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows stayed in line with the traditional character of the home while also complementing the custom French doors in the rear.
15 1070 Commercial Vermont Walter Randall Walter Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus VT Bensonwood Situated among 100 acres of woodlands, this newly constructed campus building maintains a strong environmental focus by utilizing native and reclaimed materials. This second campus building blends scientific architecture with artistic abstraction, using native geometries such as leaf structure and bark texture to inform certain details of the design. This LEED Platinum certified structure receives secondary heat from the sunlight that filters through Marvin’s triple-glazed windows. Passive solar heat is retained in the concrete floors and slate walls throughout the day, keeping spaces warm even after the sun sets.
16 1203 Residential - Small Ontario Simmonds Christopher Simmonds Zen Barn ON Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. The Zen Barn, a LEED Platinum home, unites tradition with modernity to achieve a subtle integration into the urban fabric of this historic Ottawa neighborhood. The main objectives for this project were to create a home with strong indoor-outdoor connections, provide generous day-lighting and create interesting views Double height space, the stairwell and the courtyard allow light and air to flow freely while creating interesting views through the interconnected volumes. As light moves through the structure, it changes the space in response to materials and textures.
17 1125 Residential - Small Wisconsin Albertsson Christine Albertsson Madeline Island Retreat Home WI Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd. This simple, eclectic cottage garners a conservative scale that honors the powerful and expansive environment in which it is built. The classic simplicity of the Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows contributes to the aesthetic needs of the retreat, providing large planes of glass that allow maximum connection to the surrounding landscape. Marvin products also provide high thermal performance and weather-tight functionality to combat the harsh climate that often troubles the island.
18 1230 Residential - Large Tennessee Barnett Mitchell Barnett Belle Park TN Mitchell Barnett Architect, P.C. A new contemporary home with overtones of beach homes of the Florida coast, this Coastal-style home has extraordinary views that are captured by the use of oversized double-deck porches. The project features a simple and ordered composition of a home in the very small community of Belle Park, located before the entrance to a botanical garden in Nashville, TN. The big veranda, fans and a shuttered porch communicate a smart response to the southern climate.
19 1167 Residential - Large New Jersey Felicia Campanella James Anderson and Felicia Campanella Spring Lake New Jersey Residence NJ Anderson Campanella Architects The project is an 8,000-square-foot, custom, single-family, Shingle-style Shore Colonial home. The project was designed to take advantage of the ocean views as well as interior views of the property, including a private backyard pool retreat and entertaining area. Marvin Folding Doors allowed for the creation of indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces that are functional during all seasons. Large Ultimate Casements allowed for the creation of a round entertaining room that allows you to feel like you’re part of the action on the garden side of the home. A large glazed area is achieved with a traditional feel.
20 1173 Residential - Large Florida Abad Alberto Abad Sorrento Private Residence FL New Architectura Inc. This new, custom, two-story residence is located in the Sorrento at Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club. The 5,500-square-foot living space includes five bedrooms, five baths, living room, wet bar, kitchen and separate breakfast area, family room, powder bath, dining room, butler’s pantry, library, laundry room, second floor loft, and three-car garage with a lift. Using Marvin windows, the project was successful in showcasing a variety of windows with flexible, thoughtful details that enhance the interior architecture as well as the beautiful outdoor living areas.
Round 2 Finalists - Closed to Voting
01 1220 Residential - Large North Carolina Willett Andrew Willett Ridgeline Home NC Andrew A. Willett, Architect, PA This single-family residence located in Asheville, NC, sits on a south slope of a mountain at approximately 3,500-foot elevation. The site has a moderately steep mountain slope and opens up to a large expansive view to the valley below. The greatest accomplishment of this project was the architectural response to its biggest challenge, the site. The topography was bent at a small ridgeline where the house was placed. It was the premier location for the house, but instead of having one wing of the house extend out of the ground too far, the design bent the house at the entry foyer, creating some great opportunities for dynamic spaces.
02 1177 Residential - Large New Jersey Scro Michael Scro Allendale Farmhouse Renovation NJ Z+ Architects, LLC This 1840s farmhouse renovation included a new family room, kitchen, master suite and other support spaces. Given the era of the original home and all of its imperfections, the addition and renovation worked hard to marry the confined plan of the original house with the open space and program needs the clients expected from the addition. It was important to invite more daylight and shared views to the exterior in the addition, without deviating too far from the fenestration of the existing house. The design is a careful balancing act, resulting in both warm, intimate spaces and vibrant, open and well-lit interiors.
03 1027 Residential - Small Ontario Carley John Carley Lake Simcoe Cottage, Renovations and Additions ON John Robert Carley, Architect Incorporated The challenge of this project was to renovate and expand a 1920s-era cottage while strengthening the character built through decades of family enjoyment. Rather than tear down the existing structure (and the memories with it), the homeowners elected to honor the labor of its creation while welcoming modernization for the newer generation of grandchildren. The new design converts an uninsulated, seasonal structure into a year-round residence that upholds its longstanding charm as a summer retreat. Marvin Ultimate Push Out Casement Windows and Swinging French Doors contribute to the cottage ambiance while meeting functional and thermal goals.
04 1226 Residential - Large New York Merrell James Merrell Hedges Lane NY James Merrell Architects P.C. This residence references vernacular barn forms and materials common in Eastern Long Island. The design strives for timeless interior and exterior detailing, melding the clean lines of modernism with the richness and warmth of a traditional home.
05 1207 Residential - Large Pennsylvania Rowe James Rowe House at Highgrove PA Studio Agoos Lovera This modern, 7,000-square-foot home is located on a sloping, four-acre site, once part of a historic farmstead. All major spaces are oriented to the south to maximize natural light and take advantage of the panoramic view of Valley Creek and the preserved land beyond. Marvin’s products allowed for very large expanses of window wall that provide vistas of the landscape and created long, naturally illuminated gallery spaces for the display of the clients’ collection, as well as ribbons of glass and openings in masonry walls that deliver more controlled views and privacy.
06 1209 Residential - Large California Dorr John Dorr Presidio Heights Residence CA DomA Architects, Inc. This extensive remodel and addition to an existing California Craftsman residence built in 1911 features a timeless design using quality materials. The design solution respects the historic fabric of the San Francisco Presidio Heights neighborhood on the public side while establishing a modern aesthetic in the private environment. Marvin widows and doors were used to bridge these two design idioms seamlessly.
07 1169 Residential - Small Minnesota Peuser Kerry Peuser Detroit Lakes Home MN Michael J.Burns Architects, Ltd. A new lake home was built to replace an existing home due to deteriorating structural conditions. This lake home had been a family structure for more than 80 years, and there was reluctance and sadness in tearing down the original home. The client’s main request was to display “many windows” in order to connect the new lake home to the lake, unlike with the original home. Flexibility in sizes and configurations of the windows was instrumental in the design
08 1012 Residential - Small District of Columbia Kuhn Jonathan Kuhn The Rainscreen House DC Jonathan Kuhn Architect The homeowners presented an intriguing challenge for their 1920s home: appease his desire for modern design while satisfying her wish for a transitional style. The design utilizes contextually appropriate modernity and bright interiors while staying true to the form and function of the home. Modern detailing of the wood siding provides a rainscreen that complements the rough texture of the existing masonry, and the second-story addition as a whole addresses spatial needs for a growing family. New Marvin windows provide an abundance of natural light previously absent in the home, and Ultimate Awning and Ultimate Casement Windows fit the style and openings of the original structure.
09 1044 Residential - Large New Jersey Andricsak Dean Andricsak Shingle Style Residence NJ D2A Architecture and Design, LLC This custom residence is designed in a u-shaped pattern as a solution for connecting all living spaces while maximizing exterior views. French doors and casement windows line the rear along the perimeter of a center courtyard, while interior French doors create spectacular first and second floor galleries. The use of Marvin products allows for custom product options, such as the large arch top window in the kitchen, for a higher level of detailing.
10 1095 Residential - Small New York Cioppa Carol Cioppa Hudson River House NY Cioppa Architects LLC A spectacular renovation and addition to a 1950’s Tudor-style home enabled the owners to finally capture the potential of this spectacular riverfront property. A dramatic stair tower using Marvin awning windows creates a welcoming entrance and a dynamic focal point for the front of the home. Dramatic 180-degree views of the Hudson River are available nearly anywhere you stand once inside, including from the front entry. Marvin French doors and casement windows provide a transparent barrier between the interior of the home and the expanse of shoreline below, while matching fixed panels and transoms continue from the front entry and remain consistent throughout the exterior design.
11 1213 Residential - Large Massachusetts Siemasko Thaddeus Siemasko Cedar Bluff MA Siemasko + Verbridge Perched atop a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this new residence adds a modern twist to the classic Shingle style. The commanding views dictated that nearly every room should take advantage of it. The house is anchored to the land by stone retaining walls made entirely of granite taken from the site during construction. With clad almost entirely in cedar shingles, the house will weather to a classic grey to blend tastefully into its surroundings and stand up to the harsh New England weather and oceanfront location.
12 1147 Residential - Large New York Demarest Jason Demarest Cayuga Lake Home NY Jason K Demarest, Architect The new construction of this year-round, single-family lakefront home is nestled into the landscape atop a cliff overlooking a lake with a north-facing view. This project accomplished a highly functional living environment wrapped around a post-and-beam interior that captured the essence of the site and embraced the lake. Almost every room has a lake view, with many of the living spaces spilling out toward the lake onto patios and decks, while the great room windows truly bring the lake inward. The clients find the home to be beautiful and functional but very cozy despite almost 8,000 square feet of living space.
13 1016 Residential - Large New Hampshire Soupcoff William Soupcoff Drift Line Residence NH TMS Architects The beauty of this design lies in the balance it maintains with the surrounding environment. The sweeping stone foundation and dramatic gambrel rooflines differentiate the residence while adhering to very strict flood ordinances and building codes. The attention to detail continues within the interior through bold ceilings and textured walls. The Atlantic Ocean can be viewed from every main living space with the peace of mind that Marvin Windows and Doors provides. Marvin’s impact-resistant windows in the rear protect the home from the capricious New England weather, and triple-paned glass in the front blocks unwanted road noise.
14 1090 Residential - Small California Skala Susan Skala Sunset Cliffs CA Skala Architecture A P.C. The natural colors of the exterior and the terraced approach from the ocean allow this home to blend naturally with the coastal cliffs and architectural of the neighborhood. Design details such as clay-tile roofing, iron-wrought railings and flower boxes contribute to the Tuscany look and feel. The clad exterior of Marvin windows and doors provides the durability needed to fend off the occasionally harsh coastal weather.
15 1123 Residential - Large Georgia Baydar Bulent Baydar Private Residence - Blue Ridge GA Harrison Design This home is designed to capture stunning views while inspiring a sense of family unity in a laid-back environment. Voluminous interior spaces beneath vaulted ceilings display a dramatic array of windows, creating a sensory experience that values natural light. The result is a warm and informal space that feels at home within the trees. The large panes of Marvin windows provide the ideal conduit that ushers exterior spaces indoors, while the clad material offers a low-maintenance product that the homeowner will enjoy for years.
16 1080 Residential - Large Massachusetts Ahearn Patrick Ahearn Atlantic Drive, Double Gable MA Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC The two structures built within this new family compound are inspired by the rich history of New England seaside architecture. The concept of implied history gives the illusion that the structures have existed for decades. Due to the topography of the nearby dunes, the main living quarters in both houses are on the second level. While this orientation does not conform to authentic shingle-style architecture, it provides panoramic views of the ocean that extend along the coastline. The hurricane-resistant capabilities of Marvin windows made its products a clear choice.
17 1163 Residential - Large Utah Uchiyama Osamu Uchiyama Park City Home UT Uchiyama Design Studio This Country Modern home overlooking Swaner Nature Preserve features huge views of the Wasatch Mountain Range and Park City-area ski resorts thanks to Marvin Lift and Slide Doors. The home was built on the footprint of the previous existing home with the goal of minimum site impact. The balcony was very important since it became a multifunctional space where the clients could be with the mountains while enjoying whatever the activities. The roof over the balcony gives protection from the elements without interfering with the view.
18 1115 Residential - Small Georgia Cummins Cara Cummins Wellbourne Residence GA TaC studios This modern space is designed for young homeowners who value a strong connection to the back-yard. The rear of the property has a secure view bordered by a large nature preserve, providing the privacy and security needed for a family with young kids. The natural zinc panels, limestone and cement stucco deliver naturally aging building materials to complement the porch, terrace and green spaces. The Marvin Sliding Patio Door transforms the home into an outdoor pavilion, providing a unique natural space within an urban setting.
19 1225 Residential - Small New Jersey Hayden Max Hayden Barn Guest House NJ Maximillian Hayden Architect, Inc. This project features a dilapidated barn that was transformed into a quiet and simple solution for a new guest house. The condition of the barn proved unsalvageable, but the town granted approval to replicate the barn within its existing footprint. Care was given to keep the outward appearance of the new barn as near to the original as possible. Metal roofing, wooden siding and large openings were key to the earlier structure. The scale of the new structure fits the property, and the windows and doors sensitively evoke the feeling of the earlier openings.
20 1046 Residential - Large New Jersey Andricsak Dean Andricsak French Country Estate NJ D2A Architecture and Design, LLC This timeless design utilizes traditional materials while evoking a rural French style. Details such as the spiral chimneys and custom stained glass dome transform each room into a unique experience. The variety of three-sided spaces throughout the home was a deliberate exercise in order to create panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Marvin provided custom arch top windows in the turret of the master bath, arched eyebrow dormers in the gaming room and arched windows in the dining room.
21 1208 Residential - Large Florida Portuondo Portuondo Perotti Architects Arvida Lane Residence FL Portuondo Perotti Architects This single-family residential home in Gables Estates, Coral Gables, Florida, successfully pays respect to the architecture of the Mediterranean and Renaissance Italian styles. From the use of courtyards to the high level of detailing, this project emphasizes the most picturesque and expressive qualities of these styles. The residence reflects the visions of two of Coral Gables’ first architects, who designed beautiful and timeless architecture in this garden city to become a lasting piece in the landscape. This project not only captures the breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, but with timeless style and lush landscaping, it creates a centerpiece for the view from the bay to Coral Gables.
22 1205 Residential - Small Quebec Simmonds Christopher Simmonds Gatineau Hills QC Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. This Gatineau Hills home creates a beautiful balance between modern and natural. The natural house design embraces its earthy surroundings while opening the door to a contemporary aesthetic. The open ground floor, with its interconnected spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, allows sunlight to flow through uninterrupted, showcasing the beauty of the natural light as it varies throughout the day and by season. A warm wood ceiling overhead and rustic hand-scraped wood floor underfoot wrap you in nature’s best.
23 1138 Residential - Large New York Gustavson H. Bradford Gustavson Garden City Residence NY Gustavson Dundes The homeowners of this single-family dwelling were inspiration by a desire to replicate the look of a home found in the Hamptons. The architects were challenged to design a large and beautiful home on a prominent location overlooking a golf course. The interior layout offers large, flowing spaces with multiple built-ins. Multiple Marvin products were used to bring abundant light into the home and provide visual interest with beautiful details on the exterior.
24 1217 Residential - Small Wisconsin Udvari-Solner Mark Udvari-Solner The House with A View—A Contemporary Lake Home WI Udvari-Solner Design Company This project offered a challenge because of the site with a narrow lake lot and an incredible view of the downtown Madison skyline. Facing west, this project was designed to encapsulate Madison’s incredible isthmus view and the stunning evening sunsets over the city, while also blocking out daylight during the height of the day and maintaining the homeowners privacy. Each room in this home express a variety of features and a unique purpose.
25 1101 Residential - Large Colorado Barlock Christian Barlock Crestmoor Colonial CO Christian Barlock Architect This Colonial-style restoration preserves and enhances the original two-story residence by introducing contemporary interior aesthetics within a traditional framework. The design alludes to the historic Colonial Revival residences of the 1920s, reintroducing rich architectural details and quality craftsmanship of a bygone era. Marvin provides a variety of historically cognizant windows and doors that were critical in providing an authentic look while flooding interior spaces with daylight. Custom, double-hung wood windows, French door transoms and decorative brick molding are critical contributors to the design.
Round 1 Finalists - Closed to Voting
01 1195 Residential - Large New Jersey Felicia Campanella James Anderson and Felicia Campanella Spring Lake New Jersey Residence 2 NJ Anderson Campanella Architects This project entails the addition, renovation and reconstruction of a historic residence. The project was successful in being able to emulate the existing windows and doors in the home and have it look authentic. The completed project has all the charm of the existing architecture, but now has energy-efficient, well-functioning windows and doors. The design was inspired by the existing historic home in addition to the beautiful double lot in the lovely town of Spring Lake. The historic home was made relevant for today’s lifestyle but still maintained all the charm of the existing design, architectural elements and window fenestration.
02 1201 Commercial Connecticut Bailey Paul Bailey Vernon Memorial Town Hall CT Paul B. Bailey Architect, LLC This historic c. 1889 town hall is a significant Richardsonian-Romanesque structure, which originally contained a grand 35-foot-high ceilinged auditorium on the third floor. The ultimate goal was to reclaim the historic building’s intended public use and allow a significant historic structure to be returned to its former magnificence, with sensitive design and contemporary materials and workmanship. The architect designed new window and muntin layouts in a historic character, matching previous sash configurations and approximating border patterns from other remaining historic windows. Custom-made aluminum-clad wood windows were specified for energy efficiency and low maintenance.
03 1141 Residential - Small Maine Whipple John Whipple Converted Camp House ME Whipple | Callender Architects The Owen House was designed to meet the tight site restrictions of an old torn-down summer camp. The camp had been in the family for generations, and both its layout and its ambience were reminders of happy times for the Owen family. The new house needed to have a similar feel, with up-to-date spaces and amenities. A new center stair starts near the front door and climbs dramatically to a wide view of ocean and sky. At the top of the stair is a study, which is surrounded by angled windows with a layout inspired by Maine lighthouses. All living areas are arranged along the ocean side, each with combinations of windows and doors exposed to the view.
04 1071 Residential - Small Florida Reinel Stephen Reinel Jacksonville Residence FL Jaycox, Reinel Architects, Inc. This traditional Georgia-style home was built along the contour of the road and conceals the garage from view, adding more visual interest and focus on the brick façade. The various patterns of brick in contrast with the white trim provide enhanced visual interest. The home replaces a one-story structure that was vacant for many years, helping the new site garner accolades from the San Marco Preservation Society for its beautification of the neighborhood.
05 1097 Residential - Large Illinois Fraerman James Fraerman Highland Park Residence IL Fraerman Associates Architecture The pleasant crispness of this residence allows it to calmly nestle into the surrounding wooded lot. Heroic full-height windows invite sunlight to softly illuminate expansive interior spaces, creating a flow between interior and exterior elements. This home, constructed with stone and cedar shingles, features an inviting front porch and seasonal spaces in the rear, contributing to a design that's both solid and serene. An open floor plan includes a two-story family room that capitalizes on dramatic Marvin casement and awning window placements.
06 1151 Residential - Large Illinois Shafer Thomas Shafer House on the Pond IL Thomas Shafer Architects LLC The inspiration for this house was an English country estate, so it fits comfortably in its traditional neighborhood and the existing historically significant landscape elements on the lot. The ultimate goal was to create a beautiful new home that successfully fits within the surrounding historic residential vernacular, incorporates the existing historical landscape and meets the needs of a modern family. Large windows, doors, transoms, balconies and a screen porch visually and functionally connect the interior to the landscape, blurring the line between inside and out and flooding the interior with light.
07 1015 Residential - Large New Hampshire Soupcoff William Soupcoff Ocean Breezes NH TMS Architects This beautiful beach home maximizes stunning ocean views while minimizing the effects of narrow lot dimensions and variable weather. A separate garage structure was placed in the front of the property to maximize space, leaving room for a beautifully landscaped interior courtyard. Paramount in the design was creating a watertight and maintenance-free home for when the Atlantic is stormy and raging, which is how Marvin Windows and Doors became vital to the design solution. Marvin’s Ultimate Sliding Patio Door and Ultimate Glider Windows, among other Marvin products, provide the transparency and protection the home needs to relate with the ocean beyond.
08 1227 Residential - Large Alaska Bull Steven Bull Golden View Residence AK Workshop AD This project involved the redesign and completion of a partially constructed house on the Upper Hillside in Anchorage. Construction of the underlying steel structure had ceased for more than five years, resulting in significant technical and organizational issues that needed to be resolved in order for the home to be completed. Perched above the landscape, the home stretches across the hillside like an extended treehouse. An interior atmosphere of natural lightness was introduced to the home. Surfaces throughout the structure share a common language of articulated cladding with walnut panels, stone and concrete. The result is a dissolved separation of the interior and exterior.
09 1022 Residential - Large Vermont Mac Brian Mac Champlain Modern Shelburne VT Birdseye Design The design of the house unites the interior and exterior through strong yet natural structural decisions that minimize site impact but accentuate the provocative nature of the landscape. Cantilevered overhangs frame lake views and float roof forms over large expanses of glazing. The single-story design with a walk-out lower level follows the site contours, creating a comfortable and inviting entry sequence. Translucent, lantern-like glass juxtaposes the clear expanses of glass in the two adjoining wings.
10 1031 Residential - Small Wisconsin Wydeven Bruce Wydeven Colgate House WI Wydeven Architects LLC The inspiration for this design came from a desire to maximize energy efficiency and incorporate the beauty of the surrounding landscape. A three-season room and deck at the rear of the home projects into the surrounding stand of deciduous trees, which provide natural sun protection and temperature regulation. Integrity Clad Double Hung and Fixed Windows open three sides of this space from floor to ceiling and allow venting during warmer months. Marvin Ultimate Clad Awning and Fixed Windows were used with stainless steel columns in the rear of the home to create an expansive vista, which brings the beauty of the ravine into the interior space.
11 1051 Residential - Small Vermont Siegel Brian R. and Janet B. Siegel Siegel Residence VT Siegel Architects, PC This single-family residence was built with an understated angular design appropriate for the surrounding 1970s rural subdivision. The scale and functionality of the home makes it a comfortable place to entertain family and friends. A south-facing orientation and a strong window focal point open the home to the hills and deciduous forest surrounding the property. Marvin Ultimate Windows and Doors provide a maintenance-free, two-toned product that can handle extreme weather cycles while maintaining the heritage prevalent in many of the area’s rural structures.
12 1158 Residential - Small Wisconsin Gempeler Jim Gempeler Green Lake Private Residence WI GMK Architecture inc. Located on the shore of Green Lake, the wooded setting of this home provides a stage for relaxation and appreciation of the diverse beauty of the Wisconsin seasons. As the scenery of the seasons revolve, nature’s beauty is a constant companion at this serene retreat. The client desired a “contemporary” goal of large expanses of glass to capture the sweeping panoramic views, but did not want modern, glass box architecture. The windows and doors were integrated into the design in a very transparent fashion, as they simply dissolve into the rhythm of the structure.
13 1172 Residential - Large New York Washburn / Luderowski Brooks / Nils Washburn / Luderowski Sigma Chi Fraternity House NY Brooks Washburn, AIA, PC / Nils Luderowski, AIA This fraternity house, featuring 21 bedrooms, three stories and a basement, is the first in a series of university-owned “Theme Houses” to serve Greek organizations and other shared-interest groups. The house was designed to facilitate a sense of community and camaraderie among the students. It is a unique design that blends well into the campus and into the community as a whole. The house was designed to blend the Victorian style of Potsdam with the Adirondack style of northern New York State.
14 1061 Residential - Small Texas Cekic Milosav Cekic Beachtown Gothic TX MC/A Architects, Inc. Open rafters, steep-angled rooflines and elegant detailing contribute to the strong verticality of this slender design. The home boasts traditional characteristics and intricate details that pay homage to the wealth of Galveston’s architectural heritage. The design blends Victorian and Gothic principles with modern materials and innovation, creating a home as stately as many still standing on Galveston’s historic Broadway. Marvin is one of only three products that Beachtown allows for new construction given the constant threat of natural disaster. Marvin became the clear choice due to compatibility with the style of the house and flexibility with glass patterns and hardware colors.
15 1079 Commercial Florida Krietemeyer Larry Krietemeyer Brownwood FL KP Studio Architect Brownwood is the latest addition to The Villages, a retirement community located in Sumter County, Florida. This self-contained and sustaining town center was designed and built from the ground up and surrounded by a development of housing. The design was inspired by memories of the small Midwestern community in which the owner grew up, and contains businesses varying from banks to restaurants. The rare opportunity to design a town based upon an individual concept required the need for products to fulfill a dream. Marvin’s wide variety of window options provided the required design flexibility to meld past memories with present needs.
16 1159 Residential - Small Connecticut Springsteel Peter Springsteel The Castle CT Peter J Springsteel Architect LLC The project included a total gut renovation down to original stone masonry perimeter walls, which were built in three separate time frames dating back to the 1850s. The entire interior structure was rebuilt, including a steel frame to support the stone walls and the new interior floor and wall structures. A third floor master bedroom addition with sweeping views of Long Island Sound was also included in the project. This project stands out due to its unusual blending of historic architecture and modern materials, its elaborate detail inside and out, and the craftsmanship that went into the entire undertaking.
17 1112 Residential - Small New Hampshire Cowan Duene Cowan Lake Sunapee Home NH Cowan Goudreau Architechs PLLC Most impressive in this design is the successful positioning of doors and windows to achieve the finest lake views and natural ventilation. The stone foundation, wood shingles and pitched metal roof create an enduring design that follows the casual architectural style of traditional New Hampshire lake homes. The perfect complement to this Traditional style is the flexibility of the Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Window, a product with long-lasting quality and low maintenance. Marvin casement windows with specializing grilles provide a custom yet operable unit that maximizes ventilation. Marvin’s ability to customize accommodated for a custom grill pattern on the front door, which adds a unique detail to the entry.
18 1164 Commercial New York Trott Adam Trott Fairway Suites Clubhouse - Aspire Fitness NY Adam J Trott Architect This new state-of-the-art fitness clubhouse is in an upscale resort suites hotel. The design provided an abundance of daylight throughout the facility to enhance the indoor environmental quality of the spaces. The building shell employs the latest energy-saving methods and materials, including a rainscreen clapboard siding system, structural insulated sheathing (SIS) for the walls, structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the roof deck and energy-efficient window systems. As many biophilic elements as possible were used to enhance the comfort of the interior spaces. The design provides an abundance of daylight and uses natural materials as much as possible.
19 1124 Residential - Large Connecticut Saniee Mahdad Saniee Boxwood House Greenwich CT Saniee Architects LLC This project uses familiar shapes, proportions and materials to create a stately home for modern living. The house utilizes environmentally sustainable strategies and natural lighting to provide a well insulated home. A generous range of Marvin double hung windows, casements, transoms and French doors create a sense of continuity while giving this grand home a bright and intimate atmosphere.
20 1199 Residential - Small New York Rademacher Claus Rademacher Southold Residence NY Claus F. Rademacher Architects This home is situated on the south shore of Long Island’s North Fork overlooking the spectacular water views of Peconic Bay and Shelter Island. The bay windows’ featuring of casements, awnings and fixed picture units affords views for the main living and master bedroom spaces. Sliding door units allow views and access to the deck. The “tower” consists of doors and casement windows with transoms to accentuate its height. The house was built on an existing footprint, and many of the materials used are sustainable and eco-friendly, such as bamboo floors, recycled glass tile and stone material.
21 1088 Residential - Large Connecticut Cardello Robert Cardello Darien Residence CT Robert A. Cardello Architects The original structure on this one-acre property was demolished in favor of a new construction, which would pay attention to natural light sources while creating panoramas of the nearby Five Mile River. The result is an expansive estate that displays a beautiful expression of materials while taking full advantage of Marvin’s capabilities, which allow for a variety of product shapes and sizes that maximize the design of a custom home.
22 1162 Residential - Small Minnesota Larson Mark Larson Humboldt House Renovation MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc With a growing family and the desire to preserve the original form of the home, this addition and complete renovation allows for an open, casual living space more suitable to the homeowner’s needs. An expanded kitchen features a masonry fireplace, and a new master suite and family room allow for ample living space. A wraparound back porch and covered porch off the front create a connection to the outdoors, providing overhangs for passive solar strategies. Melding the old house with the new features, replicating some details but also bringing in new layers and textures made this home extremely successful.
23 1014 Residential - Large Massachusetts Soupcoff William Soupcoff All For The Family MA TMS Architects From the very beginning, the homeowner’s envisioned a space that would focus on family. The finished design is nothing if not family-centric, starting with the centrally located family room that acts as the hub through which family activity flows. Nearby sits a casual dining space where the family can congregate around bench-style seating to enjoy a meal or a warm fire during cold winter months. The multitude of sunlit spaces encourages family interaction, which is where Marvin Windows and Doors plays an important role. Marvin Ultimate French Doors line three sides of the pool area, creating a year-round space for the family to enjoy.
24 1062 Residential - Small New York Griffin Christina Griffin Angel Residence NY Christina Griffin Architects This mid-century retrofit ranch boasts an LEED Gold rating, made possible in part by Marvin Windows and Doors products. The sustainable design, which exudes Wrightian influence, maintains upmost efficiency while utilizing large windows and open spaces. The Marvin Sliding Patio Door and Ultimate Casement Windows deliver high thermal performance while allowing natural light and views of the surrounding landscape to improve living spaces. The home remains a prime example of environmentally conscious design and has been open to the public for seminars and tours.
25 1073 Residential - Large Florida Reinel Stephen Reinel Private Residence - Historic Restoration FL Jaycox, Reinel Architects The revival of this Tudor-style home honors the historical significance of the architecture while opening views of the nearby river, which were formerly impeded by a 1970s addition. The window systems, stucco, timbers, bricks, cast stone and antique slate roofing all combine to make a very pleasing, harmonious composition. The large direct-set picture windows on the riverside were designed without muntin bars to maximize views and differentiate them from the originals. Marvin Lift and Slide Doors on the riverside accommodated grille work that simulate original steel casement window patterns while distinguishing the doors from fixed units.
26 1086 Commercial Pennsylvania Leonori Richard Leonori Scranton Fire Headquarters Window Renovation PA hemmler + camayd architects This project includes the replacement of original windows in this historic fire department headquarters. The challenge of the project was to provide a historically accurate window that could fit inside original openings. Marvin windows comply with the standards for the treatment of historic properties mandated by the National Register of Historic Places. The new windows also satisfy the energy improvements required by the U.S. Department of Energy, the entity funding the project. Marvin’s aluminum-clad wood windows and doors provide a historically accurate and maintenance-free custom design that has renewed civic pride and ensured that the building can be enjoyed for years to come.
27 1105 Commercial New Jersey Hughes Michael Hughes Stone Hill Church NJ Mann Hughes Architecture This new worship and education facility accommodates the needs of a growing congregation, filling 47,000 square feet and meeting the standards for LEED certification. The facility combines design elements that evoke traditional church architecture while utilizing contemporary materials and palettes. The result is an inviting environment in which the church community can worship and grow. The design includes a worship center for more than 500 guests, a spacious atrium, cafe and spaces for nurseries, youth worship and administration offices. Well-placed skylights and Marvin casement windows illuminate the interior, providing warmth for community fellowship.
28 1107 Residential - Small Vermont Volansky Andrew Volansky Raponda Pavilion VT Cushman Design Group This understated lake pavilion was designed to take advantage of lake views while paying respect to neighboring properties and other lake enthusiasts. The minimal visual impact and natural design encourages the structure’s integration into the surrounding natural environment. This uninsulated structure is equipped with basic accommodations that appreciate the tranquility of the landscape while allowing occupants to enjoy and maintain the pristine forest and lake. The narrow frame lines and large size of the Marvin units provide a natural aesthetic, while the durability and warranty satisfy logical needs as well.
29 1122 Residential - Large Minnesota Nelson Mark Nelson The Villa Renewed MN David Heide Design Studio A top-to-bottom renovation of this 1924 Mediterranean Revival-style duplex creates two luxurious condominiums in a building formerly crumbling from years of deferred maintenance. The building is registered in both local and national historic districts, so the exterior work and window installation fit within the parameters for rehabilitation. This project combines historic preservation and modern sustainability, integrating old and new elements that fulfill the needs of two families with distinct preferences. Marvin products provide energy-efficient and customizable windows and doors that replicate the configuration and appearance necessary to meet the exacting preservation standards while fulfilling creative design solutions.
30 1136 Residential - Large Tennessee Bonadies Blaine Bonadies Nashville Residence TN Bonadies Architect Situated atop an old Civil War battle site, this new residence was conceived for a couple with southern values and a rock and roll attitude. The project consists of a house, a pool with a pool house and a renovated music studio. A marriage of modern and traditional design, this project used a combination of California redwood siding, stone and a slate roof with flat-seam lead overhangs. Intimate and well planned, there is no space wasted in this home. The execution of the detail work, such as handmade railings, metal awnings and custom windows jambs, made this project mesmerizing.
31 1146 Residential - Large Minnesota Larson Mark Larson Brown's Bay Residence MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc This new Lake Minnetonka home is both grand and comfortable. Facing Brown’s Bay, this home features a continuous wall of glass that looks out over the lake while at the same time connecting all the public spaces of the home from end to end. The use of textures and tactile materials helps bring down the scale of such a grand home. The incorporation of vast amounts of glass while still maintaining a traditional feel was a highlight of the design.
32 1032 Commercial Pennsylvania Hutchinson Nathan Hutchinson Minitab Corporate Conference Center PA Fernsler Hutchinson Architecture, LLC The Minitab Corporate Conference Center is a 20,000-square-foot facility designed to support conference functions for a global statistical software company. The newly built conference center is nestled in a hillside property near the main corporate campus, providing a unique and convenient retreat location for corporate executives and clientele. Marvin Windows and Doors provides a high-quality, vented and aesthetically modern window that complements the architecture of the building. Marvin Ultimate Series windows were the ideal product to minimize the depth of the window frame and allow installation of shading devices for increased functionality.
33 1041 Residential - Small North Carolina Allison Mark Allison Meridian House NC Mark Allison, Architect, PLLC Careful site location and layout of this home provide a healthy balance of public and private spaces. Exterior texture blends with the surrounding fabric of the neighborhood, giving a rustic feel to an otherwise modern residence. Two wings reach out from a central fireplace, creating a meridian around which many outdoor living spaces exist. Marvin windows help blend outdoor and indoor areas through the use of a sliding interior wall and screened porch. Abundant daylight fills the great room through a clerestory, maintaining a level of privacy within the home.
34 1048 Residential - Small Wisconsin Hrubec Jeffery Hrubec Egg Harbor Residence WI Hrubec & Associates Architects This modern residence blends sustainability and modernity with traditional elements that match the architecture of surrounding Door County homes. The cedar clapboard, stone foundations and standing seam metal roof drew inspiration from the original farmhouse and barn adjacent to this home. Marvin Aluminum Clad Wood Ultimate Windows create a south-facing glass façade, which provides passive solar heating, natural lighting and ventilation. The Marvin windows provide specific dimensions that other manufacturers cannot, allowing the home to feature casement windows nearly eight feet high that bring the natural environment into the living space.
35 1099 Commercial New York Sloan Michael Sloan New Golf House at Millbrook Golf & Tennis Club NY Sloan Architects, PC This new golf house pays homage to the original 1903 structure that was destroyed by fire, incorporating the rural Dutch Colonial style common to the surrounding area. The lounge features a 12-foot-wide Marvin Bi-Fold Patio Door that provides spectacular views of the 1st and 9th greens with a scenic backdrop of the Catskill Mountains. When the bi-fold doors are open, the lounge and outside terrace emerge as one big gathering space to accommodate large golfing events, embracing the indoor/outdoor experience to the fullest. The historical relevance of the Marvin finish makes this classic structure feel like it has been there all along.
36 1100 Commercial New York Shedd John Shedd Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association Discover Center NY R. W. Larson Architects This attractive reuse of a former automobile dealership showcases regional grape products near authentic grape vineyards. The alterations include a wine tasting area, exhibit space, gift shop and patios as well as outdoor learning venues among the vines. Marvin's windows and doors replace an unsightly plate-glass storefront, giving the space improved vineyard views while showcasing the products inside. Marvin windows provide elegant forms and a company history that match the authenticity and heritage forged by the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association of Western New York.
37 1106 Residential - Small Connecticut Campaigne Russell Campaigne Highland Residence CT Campaigne Kestner Architects The aesthetics of this new home conform to the existing shoreline community of small, shingle-sided homes while reflecting the owner’s interpretation of shoreline vernacular. The home represents an architecturally diverse structure that is both beautiful and respectful of the environment. Crucial to the design is a high-performing and energy-efficient home that perpetuates minimal environmental impact. The vertical design decreases the overall footprint while gaining improved views of Long Island Sound. Large Marvin window units and multiple sliding and swinging French doors are utilized to create a series of terraces that conform to the steep grade of the lot.
38 1142 Residential - Large Illinois Shafer Thomas Shafer Tudor Revival IL Thomas Shafer Architects LLC This handsome Tudor-style residence is a complete remodel and restoration. This project included a sensitive integration and reconfiguration of several interior spaces, along with the addition of a new family room, bedroom and kitchen. The restoration preserves the original historic beauty of the house while meeting the current needs of this modern family. These additions were designed and detailed in a way that creates a seamless and inconspicuous match. The exterior was completely restored, including the replacement of all windows and doors, to bring this home back to its original luster.
39 1174 Residential - Large Massachusetts Waters, AIA Michael Waters, AIA Berkshire Farmhouse MA LDa Architecture & Interiors This single-family residential estate in Upstate New York includes a farmhouse-inspired residence along with a timber-framed barn and attached greenhouse adjacent to an enclosed garden area and surrounded by orchard trees. The ultimate goal was to create a home that would have an authentic presence in the surrounding agricultural landscape and strong visual and physical connections to the site. The design incorporated an existing colonial residence, resituated on the site and preserved along with contemporary additions on three sides. The resulting home strikes a perfect balance between traditional farmhouse architecture and sophisticated contemporary living.
40 1186 Residential - Small Massachusetts Wolf, AIA Gary Wolf, AIA Sustainable Urban Villa MA Wolf Architects, Inc. This LEED Silver residence on a small urban site maximizes the owners’ sense of living in a garden setting within the city. Collaboration among the architect, landscape architect and sculptor provided a unique, peaceful place where nature and architecture come together. Permeable surfaces and plantings took the place of typical urban concrete paving and fences. Reclaimed lumber replaced the brick and mortar or vinyl siding often found nearby. Open window corners did away with the more common confining enclosure. Green roofs replaced the traditional asphalt shingle roofs. All these elements, chosen with a consciousness of energy use and sustainability, combine to create this garden villa within an urban setting.
41 1206 Commercial Tennessee Ward Michael Ward Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall at Currey Ingram Academy TN Allard Ward Architects Currey Ingram Academy is a college prep K-12 school located on a picturesque 80-acre farm in rural Tennessee. The Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall is the sixth completed building and the heart of campus. The buildings draw inspiration from the arts and crafts style and use natural materials such as fieldstone to relate back to the rural environment. This hall draws from this style as well as a more refined collegiate style. Natural, warm materials have been carefully chosen to meet the dual needs of being a functional learning place with a residential feel.
42 1233 Residential - Small Tennessee Barnett Mitchell Barnett Belmont Boulevard TN Mitchell Barnett Architect, P.C. This house is a smaller adaptation of a Hampton Shingle-style home. A unique floor plan lends itself to creative and unexpected roof lines and angles, complete with intimate and useful outdoor patios and terraces. This house is not complete, as this shows only phases one and two of a three-phase project. The third phase is expected to be started mid-2014.
43 1153 Residential - Small Michigan Melichar Diana Melichar Glendale Cottage MI Melichar Architects A historic renovation of a family beach cottage built in 1921 and passed down through three generations of family. Since the home overlooks a beautiful ravine and small creek that flows to Lake Michigan, the windows were the most important defining architectural element in the home’s present refurbishment. The home had an architectural and social heritage that needed to be respected, and improvements were made to align with the original design. Capturing cool lake breezes in the summer and opening up the entire home to the sounds of nature and water were essential.
44 1157 Residential - Small Ontario Makow Stan Makow Toronto Private Residence ON Makow Associates Architect, Inc This suburban metamorphosis features an extensive renovation. The addition of an upper-level loft to this ’50s split-level house accomplished a total transformation on the exterior and interior, capturing a modern spirit of transparency and openness. Formerly self-contained and cellular, the house now flows within and reaches out into the surrounding landscape. The project was inspired by a desire to achieve greater connection with the outdoors. The clean lines of the Marvin windows and doors helped the vision come to life; a composition of horizontal and vertical planes was developed, giving this house its striking presence on the street.
45 1180 Commercial District of Columbia Gregory Don Gregory Central Union MIssion at the Gales School DC cox graae + spack architects As an adaptive reuse of an abandoned and gutted historic landmark into a homeless shelter, this project had to meet historic preservation standards. The building was declared unsound, and emergency temporary support was installed prior to the Mission being awarded a long-term lease for district property. An addition was added to fulfill program requirements for the structure, which accommodates 200 full-time residents and guests. Inspiration for this renovation stems from the hope of restoring of men’s lives. This aligns with the Central Union Mission’s stated goal of “Renovating Lives, Restoring Hope.”
46 1202 Residential - Large Massachusetts Gleysteen Marcus Gleysteen Fox Run House MA MGA | Marcus Gleysteen Architects The fox-run house is located on the edge of a very large meadow surrounding a pine forest in central Massachusetts. Designed as a weekend home, it is still only a short distance from nearby metropolitan areas. The project’s greatest accomplishment is balancing the house on the edge of a terrific, unspoiled meadow without compromising its pristine and natural state. Locating the house in the meadow’s northern verge created uncompromised views and southern exposure under the surrounding forest’s tree line. Designing within such a beautiful yet fragile environment, it was essential to complement the natural environment rather than dominate it.
47 1222 Residential - Large Massachusetts Siemasko Thaddeus Siemasko Shades of Gray MA Siemasko + Verbridge This once-modest summer beach cottage was slowly transformed over the years into a grand estate on one of the North Shore’s best beaches. The architects designed a modest addition while reworking the entire floor plan to meet the needs of a large family. Additions were added tastefully and details from the original were enhanced to create a seamless interaction between old and new. Views and light were enhanced through additional windows that create a home with interesting vistas, not only to the ocean but also to the beautiful gardens and pool.
48 1237 Residential - Small Massachusetts Shaffer Peter Shaffer Berkshires Home Tyringham MA DiMella Shaffer Associates This private single-family residence in western Massachusetts was built into the side of a steeply sloped 7.5-acre parcel of land overlooking a beautiful 225-acre rustic lake. The challenge of the unique topography greatly contributed to this design solution. The house is linear in its organization with its southern entrance through an “outdoor room”, a 4-season screened porch. The “indoor room” is comprised of the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Both are very transparent with large surfaces of glass and screening which allows for all habitable spaces to take full advantage of the views, daylight and natural ventilation.
49 1017 Residential - Small Wyoming Soupcoff William Soupcoff Western Craftsman WY TMS Architects This former Mormon meetinghouse was transformed from a rustic seasonal camp to a sophisticated year-round wilderness retreat. The renovation demanded that the majority of the interior be gutted to accommodate modern living; however, many original finishes were salvaged and restored. To complement a more contemporary arts and crafts style, the homeowners elected to keep the original stain glass windows. All other windows were selected to withstand extremes of temperature and wind, which made Marvin Windows and Doors the perfect choice. The addition of expansive windows and a swinging French door in the master suite give the homeowners access to a private deck, which overlooks the valley and Teton Mountain Range beyond.
50 1053 Residential - Small Wisconsin Dawkins Gary Dawkins Meadowhaus Studio WI Gary Dawkins, architect This studio was created as a peaceful shelter in a secluded natural environment with the purpose of stimulating one’s imagination and creativity. The materials and design were chosen to mirror the open prairie and bordering forest, cherry orchards and farmland. Marvin Windows and Doors offered the finishes, sizes and environmental features necessary to relate with the surrounding prairie.
51 1108 Residential - Small Connecticut Campaigne Russell Campaigne Middle Beach Residence CT Campaigne Kestner Architects This quaint coastal homestead presents the graceful lines, materials and details of a classic 1900s shoreline retreat while employing integrated renewable technologies, advanced conservation techniques and durable details and materials. The new home respects and enhances the classic cottage vernacular of the neighborhood by recreating fine, historic details. The home integrates original windows with a historic diamond grille pattern within interior passages and custom cabinetry, and the new Marvin windows replicate this design and unite the historic detail throughout the home. An open floor plan featuring Marvin windows and French doors provides various dimensions that capture views of Long Island Sound from every room.
52 1137 Residential - Small California Helfant David Benaroya Helfant 2660 Buena Vista Way CA SEISCO Engineering and Environmental Design Associates, Inc. This project features the comprehensive reconstruction and remodel of a 90-year-old brown shingle Craftsman-style home that was doubled in size. Located in Berkeley, California’s Buena Vista Historic District, the project required an integration of modern methods and products characterizing sustainable design and the rejuvenation of a classic California residential architectural presence. The windows are one of its most significant aspects and offer glorious views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Marvin helped the homeowners replicate a historical architectural design and achieve specific energy conservation goals.
53 1145 Commercial California Esbensen Philip Esbensen Green Dragon CA Esbensen & Associates This is a modern-day replica of the original Freemason lodge, which was located in Boston and was torn down in 1854. It was at this lodge that our founders planned the Boston Tea Party and where Paul Revere started his famous ride to Lexington. Original design from old photographs and documentation were employed to recreate the building using modern raw materials and finishing. As a result, the project was able to bring a part of America's history to the West Coast.
54 1152 Residential - Small New Jersey Brown William Brown Long Beach Island Home NJ William G Brown Architects This is a 3,000-square-foot residential beach home on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Several Marvin Casement windows allow for an open and airy feel to the home, while sliding French doors provide an open and inviting access to the home’s backyard lap pool.
55 1161 Residential - Small Minnesota Rehkamp Larson Jean Rehkamp Larson Linden Hills Cottage MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc This new house sits comfortably along a street of old houses in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. The house is designed for a family in need of generous and open living spaces. Four bedrooms and a laundry room are tucked up under the roof, allowing all the space needed for a family of five but steering clear of an imposing mass on the exterior. The house has the level of detail that we take for granted in older homes—wainscoting, paneled transitions, beams, wood ceilings and inset cabinets. It is a successful example of how to infill a modern family house into an old neighborhood.
56 1165 Residential - Small Minnesota Rehkamp Larson Jean Rehkamp Larson Den Roda Stugen (The Red Cottage) MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc This playful and beautiful retreat features a warm, modern cabin on a northern Minnesota lake lot. Taking inspiration from the traditional red cottages found throughout Sweden, the cabin reflects the homeowner’s Nordic heritage. Simple intersecting gables are supported by an exposed glulam structure, pairing a classic gabled exterior with an open modern interior. Structural insulated were used for the roof and walls, creating a tight, energy-efficient shell. The house is built as a slab on grade, and the unadorned polished concrete floor has radiant heat to keep feet warm on cold winter days.
57 1215 Residential - Small Vermont Manuelyan Levon Manuelyan Warren Residence VT Moore Design Builders This single-family residence is a new home built on the same site as a previous home destroyed by fire. The burned house and foundation had to be completely removed. The home offered a challenge to incorporate the design into the existing building envelope due to the narrowness of the lot and a high water table. Inspiration came from a desire to have a barn-style home with a combination of wood and stone. This sophisticated rustic style fills the need for a family with growing children.
58 1221 Residential - Large Massachusetts Siemasko Thaddeus Siemasko Permanent Vacation MA Siemasko + Verbridge This modern family home sits atop stone ledges overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The newly constructed home is a contemporary Shingle style with a twist of Vermont country. The first floor is anchored by a family-style eat-in kitchen adjoining an open floor plan that takes advantage of the panoramic views of the Atlantic. From a small awning in one of the children’s bathrooms to the large picture/awning combo in the family room on the first floor, bright ocean views are enjoyed from every room in the house.
59 1089 Residential - Small Massachusetts Packard Karle Packard Concord Addition MA Red Hawk Studio Architects, Inc. The new garage addition to this residential home is set at an angle to fit within the lot setback. The angle further encloses the backyard while also separating the new addition from the main living quarters. Within the new addition is a large playroom above the garage stalls, which possesses expansive views of the forest that lines the back of the property. The large windows follow the contour of the roofline, providing maximum transparency to the backyard and allowing an abundance of natural light to fill the playroom, illuminating whatever activity goes on inside.
60 1102 Residential - Small Vermont Volansky Andrew Volansky Stowe Residence VT Cushman Design Group This sprawling design takes advantage of expansive mountain views while conforming to a steeply sloped site. Full-height windows provide inspirational views of the unique setting while connecting the homeowners with the land in which they inhabit. Marvin products maintain energy efficiency and comfort while allowing generous daylight into the home. Marvin’s triple glazing insulates nearly every glass surface, and the operating windows allow for ample ventilation. These products provide crucial protection for a large and open floor plan, allowing only the beauty of the surrounding landscape into the home.
61 1160 Residential - Small Minnesota Larson Mark Larson Minnetonka Modern MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc Quietly positioned overlooking a scenic marsh, the main spaces of this new west metro home also serve as a musical teaching and performance space. Acoustical panels, clerestory windows and integrated custom lighting systems all work in harmony to make this space both beautiful and highly functional. Surrounding the main living space are the bedroom suites, a music teaching room, a mudroom and an electronics lab and workshop, all anchored by the kitchen’s wood-burning pizza oven. Inspiration came from Joseph Eichler, a midcentury developer in California. This house is a successful transplant of that Courtyard style of home into a cold climate..
62 1210 Residential - Small Florida Dunlap Michael Dunlap Riverfront Site Jacksonville FL Michael Dunlap Architect P.A. This project features a 4,300-square-foot residence on a beautiful riverfront site. The character of the project successfully blends the prairie architectural vocabulary into a smart, sustainable modern solution to the client’s program. The project was inspired by the work of F. L. Wright as well as European modern interiors. The residence features a wide variety of windows with prairie-style Simulated Divided Lites, which echo the quality and detail that was established in the creation of the home.
63 1214 Commercial New York Wisbauer William Wisbauer Window Replacement Hyde Park Elementary NY Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers This project features the restoration of a facility located in historic Hyde Park, NY, home of Franklin D Roosevelt. The school was built in 1940. President Roosevelt provided federal funds to assist in construction of the facility, which was later listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The objective was to provide a new energy-efficient system with replacement windows while maintaining the building’s original historic look. Marvin Magnum windows were used because they not only allowed the ability to fit in the extra-large opening but also had design aesthetics that closely matched the existing units.
64 1232 Residential - Small Connecticut DeFiore Christopher DeFiore Lyme, CT Residence CT DeFiore Architects This residence is nestled on a very private eight-acre lot with views of a wooded nature preserve and has a hillside view. This new design-build residence was built with a large, sprawling open floor plan. The site’s views both in the front and rear were the inspiration behind creating a large, angled picture wall configuration that allows for a lot of natural light. Designing with casements also allowed for this residence to have great cross ventilation with this property’s hillside breezes. Besides the immense natural light that filters throughout the space, the windows were strategically placed to capture the site’s views and beauty.
65 1069 Commercial Connecticut Lisi Paul Lisi Trumbull Town Hall CT Antinozzi Associates This exterior renovation honors the heritage of this historic town hall by integrating Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows with the original design. The casings, sills and details of the new windows provide an authentic look.
66 1074 Residential - Small Colorado Gray Chris Gray 6th Street Residence CO bldg.collective architecture & design This project design modernizes the interior of a 1940s home by converting compartmentalized spaces into an open, energy efficient floor plan. The challenge was to do so without increasing the footprint or changing the exterior look and feel. Contemporary finishes complement light-filled spaces, creating a stunning project that embodies the unique character of the family. Marvin Windows and Doors allow the homeowners to get the most out of the available space, contributing to the aesthetic and performance goals for the project. The use of Marvin products increased the energy efficiency of the home by twofold.
67 1121 Residential - Small New York Marigliano Lee Marigliano Bloomville Residence NY Delta Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors This contemporary vacation home sits on a secluded parcel of land near the Catskill Mountains, utilizing modern design that sharply contrasts the traditional rustic style of the area. The abundance and movement of natural light uplift interior spaces, which serve as an exhibition of the homeowner’s art and of the surrounding environment. The layered scenery guides the orientation, textures and tones of the home. Large-paned Marvin windows and doors provide uninterrupted glass that frame panoramic views of the hilly meadows, forests and distant mountains.
68 1135 Residential - Large New York Gustavson H. Bradford Gustavson Plandome Residence NY Gustavson Dundes This old-world dwelling harmonizes with the surrounding neighborhood while providing modern amenities that come with a newly constructed home. The interior boasts high ceilings and an open layout works well for this family’s day-to-day living and entertaining. A variety of Marvin products provide interest to the exterior while introducing ample daylight into the interior.
69 1139 Residential - Small Connecticut Huestis Jennifer Huestis House in Woodland Park CT Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC The owners loved the scale, location and privacy of their home, which was conveniently located on a quiet road near town. The homeowners decided to renovate and add to suit the needs of their growing family. The inspiration for this project was to combine the quality and charm of the prewar suburban American home, with the light, openness and functionality required in the 21st century. The directive was to design a large addition that would build on the best attributes of the original house. The quality 1930s construction was enhanced with architectural details, moldings and abundant built-ins.
70 1150 Residential - Small Minnesota Rehkamp Larson Jean Rehkamp Larson Lake Rose Cottage MN Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc The best of urban home design on a tree-filled suburban lot with a view. This family home is set back on the lot to give privacy from the street and provide a visual connection to nearby Lake Rose. The home incorporates the old-house urban characteristics of simple form, good craft, light-filled spaces and a front porch. The timeless style of Marvin allowed for the ability to meld the traditional look of the home with the modern efficiencies of today’s construction.
71 1171 Residential - Small California Gregory William Gregory 29th Street Craftsman CA Arcelab Inc. Architects This project featured a complete remodel of a 1,100-square-foot, one-story ranch and a 400-square-foot second-story addition. The beach community was developed in the early 1900s and has many walk streets and pedestrians going to the beach, meaning textured materials and details are important to provide a rich visual environment to the passersby. This was the inspiration behind a “Craftsman” style from the original period that gave the street back some of its original architectural character. The remodel also gave the new home a visual connection “view” to the ocean that the original house did not provide.
72 1183 Residential - Large Illinois Moreno Juan Gabriel Moreno Naperville Residence IL JGMA Sited in an atypical suburban lot in the heart of Naperville, IL, this residence ascends from the ground much like the dense vegetation that surrounds it. Taking advantage of its isolation from neighboring houses, serene views are framed to overlook the site’s 1.5 acres of preserved wetlands and mature foliage, providing a harmonious balance of indoor/outdoor living space. Although the house is in the heart of suburbia, the living experience was shaped to provide a multitude of unique experiences with nature.
73 1216 Residential - Large Tennessee Farris Ron Farris Old Natchez Farmhouse TN Farris Concepts in Architecture This Shingle-style farmhouse is nestled on an equestrian farm in Williamson County, TN. Just to the southwest of Nashville, this house features views over gently rolling pasture lands. Trying to bring the outside in, many deep porches were created with multiple banks of French doors and transoms to lighten up the inside. The custom diamond pattern on all of the transoms reinforce a comfortable historical style. Along with the authenticity of all the natural materials used on the exterior of this house, the clean lines of the Marvin windows and doors offer a timeless look.
74 1039 Residential - Large Connecticut Errichetti Rick Errichetti Middlebury Lake House CT Rick J Errichetti AIA, LLC This beautiful lakefront home replaces a larger, deteriorating 1960s home that proved unadaptable to modern needs. The existing home was first deconstructed, resulting in the harvest and donation of 95% of the original building materials. The new home was equipped with a metal roof and a geothermal heating and cooling system for efficient interior temperature regulation. Due to the home’s exposure to wind from the lake, the durability and thermal performance of Marvin windows was the best option, helping the design attain LEED Silver and Energy Star Certification.
75 1043 Residential - Large Illinois Wolff Jeffrey Wolff Arlington Heights Residence IL Wolffhager Inc. The vision for this custom home is evolving throughout the planning and construction process, with the homeowner playing an active role in the preliminary ideation. Open conversation throughout the process enables the craftsmanship to take form in the field even after construction began on this 8,000-square-foot home. All 35 Marvin windows have clad exterior that matches the brick façade, and the interior painted frames match the custom millwork as well. An impressive 20-foot bi-fold door provides a prominent focal point that, along with the other Marvin products, will help bring this promising vision to life.
76 1127 Residential - Small Connecticut Huestis Jennifer Huestis Wee Burn Cottage CT Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC The addition of a large English conservatory seamlessly connects living spaces without disturbing the charm and scale of the existing stone and timber home. The new modern space provides an area where views of the garden can be enjoyed year-round. Marvin windows allow for an addition that looks as old as the original structure, yet functions aesthetically and efficiently. Marvin products allow specification alterations to fit custom spaces, and the grille patterns on the new windows match the existing home to create a holistic look. The larger Marvin units in the conservatory offer an open feel ideal for the purposes of the space.
77 1133 Commercial Alabama Bussey Jared Bussey 20th Street South Building Renovation AL Birchfield Penuel & Associates LLC An improved street presence was achieved with this renovation project, which transforms a single-story brick building with a low roof elevation. Increases in size and frequency of the windows create a friendlier interior environment by bringing more daylight into the spaces. Marvin fixed frame window units and French door assemblies were incorporated into the project.
78 1140 Residential - Small New York Machinist Jo Machinist Hudson River Private Residence NY Jo Machinist Architect This new construction project features a private, custom two-story residence on the western shore of the Hudson River. The new house is oriented to capture views of the river at every opportunity. The assignment was to design a new home using sustainable, updated construction means and methods within the design vocabulary, genre, scope, bulk and ambiance of the preexisting house and site. The Marvin windows featured in this home have many value adds, including sound-reducing and texturing glass for increased privacy. The awning and casement windows provide maximum ventilation while the bronze, aluminum clad finish provides beauty and durability.
79 1176 Commercial New York Gordon Charles Gordon Harvest Hill Golf Club NY CharlesGordonArchitecture Inspired by local farmhouse vernacular, a new clubhouse compound was developed comprised of four buildings plus a series of smaller out-buildings that create two entirely different experiences. The first includes strong impressions for those golfers arriving by car, followed by a dramatic vista-framing view down the 18th fairway. The goal was to create a very simple, respective design vocabulary that could apply to the basic service buildings as well as those that required more detail. The design concept used a series of strategically designed spaces in between the individual buildings to frame the dramatic vistas.
80 1211 Residential - Large Pennsylvania Gallagher Sheila Gallagher Lock Haven Home PA Creative Renovations, LLC This new-construction project features a custom single-family residence on one level for older clients as well as a handicap-accessible apartment. A ramp from the garage allows full access to the home’s interiors and outdoor spaces via wheelchair. The goal was to have the house’s materials complement the existing horse barn, featuring complex roof lines, and blend into the beautiful mountain backdrop surrounding the residence.
81 1218 Residential - Small New York Kamen Scott Kamen 98 Fort Greene Place NY Kamen Tall Architects This exterior façade restoration and renovation is a great accomplishment because of its attention to the building’s legacy. Originally constructed in 1857, the building underwent major alterations in 1919. These alterations forever gave the townhouse its unique character, which added to the personality of the neighborhood. A mix of new and historic Marvin windows was a critical part of the building’s identity and heritage. The new windows unify the façade with other architectural elements, such as the cornice, and are a result of the melding of history that has created a new chapter for the building, bringing elegance with a touch of warmth.
82 1229 Commercial Washington Babienko Jeff Babienko Central Agency Inc. WA babienko ARCHITECTS Central Agency Inc. is an adaptive reuse of an auto row structure building, in this case converted into a storage facility. New commercial spaces were created by dividing the building into three distinct tenant spaces around a main entry foyer with shared amenities. Each of the multi-level spaces captures the revitalized character of the building while remaining unique. Using the existing building openings, the use of Marvin windows allowed for seamless transitions between the new and the old—not only to maintain the aesthetic of the building’s past, but also to adapt to the energy efficiency and sustainability demands of the present.
83 1234 Residential - Small Pennsylvania Gallagher Sheila Gallagher Mill Hall Residence PA Creative Renovations LLC This single-family residence was built on an existing foundation with added wings to increase the building’s footprint for a young, growing family. A second story was added for children’s bedrooms and a playroom. The inspiration came from the homeowners’ desire to update their home with the half-timber Tudor details that they had admired in many older homes they had seen. The idea was to create a façade that had the feeling of the older Tudors but with much less maintenance.
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01 1056 Commercial Japan Nanasawa Motoi Nanasawa Mihashi no Mori (Forest of Mihashi) STUDIO EF Co.,ltd. This residential wedding hall assimilates into the garden and surrounding forest, creating an intimate setting for large gatherings. Cherry and chinquapin trees left on the property are the inspiration for the structure, which carries elements of beauty and solidarity that communicate nicely with the surrounding environment. Marvin wood windows play an important role, providing a warm and natural frame for the many garden views while giving the building an aged look. Many spaces were accommodated with a variety of window options, including the arch-shaped openings in the chapel.
02 1057 Residential - Small Japan Kodama Osamu Kodama K Residence Noa Design Inc. Classic European cinema inspired the open spaces and circle staircase in this elegant home. The spacious entrance hall and open floor plan, which are unique to Japanese house design, provide ideal accommodations for entertaining guests. The sprawling estate extends through French doors to a large outdoor patio, further facilitating the homeowner’s aspiration for a Western lifestyle. Marvin’s wood windows play an important role, contributing to both the aesthetics and overall performance of the project. Marvin’s round top window serves as a focal point in the dining room, and a casement window brings in light to warm a quaint breakfast nook.
03 1058 Commercial Japan Naruta Kanji Naruta Farm Restaurant, Black Cow Village NARUTA Architects This renovation project brings a new restaurant to a city revitalizing itself as a tourist hot spot. The century-old red brick building sits adjacent to a museum dedicated to a famous Japanese children’s book author, warranting the desire for an inviting atmosphere to attract the tourists who frequent the area. Marvin wood windows create an idyllic setting both inside and outside the restaurant, providing beautiful aesthetics and superior performance. The light wood window frames and abundant interior lighting create a warm and inviting dining area, expanded with vaulted ceilings and large windows to the outdoors.
04 1060 Residential - Small Israel Ardel-Maik Maya Ardel-Maik Country Romance-An exciting renovation-A couple renovated the husband's childhood home Maya Ardel-Maik Architects - http://www.maik-arch.com/ This residential renovation preserves the original American suburban inspiration for this 1960s home. The design upgrades the structure’s technology into the 21st century while contributing to a sustainable design. The exterior of the home uses 5cm of thermal plaster that helps regulate internal temperature, making Marvin Windows and Doors an ideal choice. All exterior materials and products create clean lines and elegance, blending this home into the pleasant calm inherent for this Middle Eastern region.
05 1064 Residential - Large Israel Broitman Polina Broitman House L Studio TAPOOLY - Architecture & Design This private residence for an artist and family began with a simple layout designed to stimulate thought and creation. Marvin's windows and doors fill the inside space with air, light and freedom. A strong connection to the outdoors, enhanced by the moderate use of natural materials in the interior, encourages inhabitants to relate with the natural environment that Marvin windows reveal. An abundance of natural light enlivens interior spaces while Marvin products maximize energy efficiency. The great variety of the colors, materials and sizes allows for high functionality, low maintenance and elegant design solutions apparent in this home.
06 1065 Residential - Small Japan Kurokawa Akira Kurokawa House with Lake View idea-craft architect office INC This guesthouse sits on a hill overlooking the largest lake in Japan. The design uses a cherry tree at the entrance of the property as a focal point to create a building that blends with the surrounding environment. Marvin windows play an important role in the façade of the building, and the natural wood interior accentuates the views from the inside. In addition, Marvin windows exhibit high performance amid the varying local climate, which yields deep snow in the winter and high humidity in the summer.
07 1066 Residential - Small Japan kurokawa Akira kurokawa Vacation Home idea-craft architect office INC The beauty of a nature-preserved forest provides a beautiful setting for this small guest house. Built amid a surrounding thicket, this cottage-style home was designed for the homeowner to enjoy the outdoors at all times of the year. The combination of seasonal outdoor spaces and large windows creates a multidimensional living space that can be enjoyed without the influence of the weather. The high-performance products of Marvin Windows and Doors, including the Marvin Outswing French Doors and Ultimate Casement Windows, allow inhabitants to enjoy the outdoors even in times of heavy snowfall.
08 1081 Residential - Small Japan Takehara Toshiro Takehara Nojiri Takehara Design and Supply This natural structure is a reconstruction of the original building, a structure built by Canadian missionaries in the 1920s that was recently destroyed by a natural disaster. The basic design maintains the memory of the old home by incorporating particular design elements as well as natural wood and stones. Modern updates improve living spaces, and the addition of Marvin windows and doors increases thermal performance. The weather resistance, heat retention and design flexibility of the aluminum-clad products match perfectly with this project’s concept and need.
09 1082 Residential - Small Japan Arai Daisuke Arai ASKAM Residence Earnest architects The location of this residence in the foothills of Mount Asama is famous for it’s lakefront view and abundance of wild roses. The octagonal shape mimics the shape of rose petals, creating a motif that continues throughout the residential design. A dynamic atrium with an impressive display of glass provides stunning views of the lake nearby. Marvin products fill endless shapes and sizes, contributing to unique design solutions that maintain the design theme. Equally important is the thermal performance guaranteed with Marvin Windows and Doors, which transforms the space into a year-round residence.
10 1083 Residential - Small Japan Miyaji Wataru Miyaji M Residence Miyaji Wataru Architect Office This 750-square-foot property maximized space through a series of split levels, with two main floors sitting atop a separate garage structure. The use of Marvin windows with a wood interior finish brought unity throughout each level and matched elements of traditional Japanese home furnishings. The impact of a small space is minimized with the abundance of windows, patio doors and skylights. With the prospect of new buildings surrounding this residence, the kitchen and dining room were placed on the top floor to ensure access to natural light.
11 1092 Residential - Small Japan Morozumi Yoshiharu Morozumi O Residence allcare inc. An oak tree forest on a hill overlooking the Southern Alps of Japan is the setting for this Western residence. Frequent travels to Europe give the homeowner an appreciation for the architecture that can be found there, inspiring a decidedly un-Japanese look for this home. The relatively cold climate requires this structure to be energy efficient while also accommodating views of the forest and mountains beyond. Marvin’s well-organized sizing matrixes make it easy to configure multiple units to expand design options, and the products’ aesthetic and functional capabilities allow light to brighten any interior space while providing maximum thermal performance. Fast delivery, true even for international projects, makes Marvin products ideal building materials.
12 1093 Residential - Small Japan Miyashita Shunkichi Miyashita M Residence BE BORN This home, which boasts views of Mount Fuji, is designed as a vacation retreat for an American husband and Japanese wife. A North American style was chosen to accommodate the homeowners’ style preferences, and many of these design elements combat the cold winters that are common in the Lake Yamanaka area. The floor heating system and living room fireplace create warmth that fills the open spaces between the living areas and kitchen. The white cedar siding and fiberglass roof communicate well with the surrounding environment, and the consistent functionality and design flexibility of Marvin's windows and doors help bring original design concepts to fruition.
13 1094 Residential - Small Japan Miyashita Shunkichi Miyashita N Residence BE BORN This home boasts vaulted ceilings and bright interior millwork, illuminated by an abundance of natural light that filters through Marvin's windows and doors. The natural wood windows in the interior allow sunlight in while framing beautiful views of Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji. The aluminum-clad exterior of Marvin’s products contributes to high thermal performance, ideal for an area that experiences severe cold and heavy snow.

During the Depression, George Marvin quietly helped his community in a variety o...

During the Depression, George Marvin quietly helped his community in a variety of ways. One way he showed his support was by providing Christmas trees for every family in Warroad. #MarvinWindows ...