Engineering/R&D - Grafton, ND;

Marvin Windows and Doors is a leader in manufacturing made- to-order wood windows. Our company is recognized for quality products, a unique customer-responsive approach, innovation and continuous improvement, as well as an exceptional safety record.
Marvin Windows and Doors is a progressive manufacturer of made-to-order windows that relies on the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees to grow our business.
We are currently seeking Fall 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014 Engineering Coop/Internship at our Grafton, ND location. This opportunity will provide a variety of engineering experiences to include design layout, improvements to manufacturing methods, problem solving, project management and more. Preferably, the student would have some computer-aided drafting experience, an ability to read prints and exposure to lean manufacturing principles. Contact us for additional details.
Internship will focus on the following:
-To increase safety, labor utlization, and overall production efficiency using tools such as:
*Time studies and line balancing
*Value stream mapping
*Use of automation
*Layout improvements
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