Swinging French Doors

General Care

Your Ultimate Swinging French Door requires very little maintenance.

To maintain sill appearance, wash only with mild soap and water solution. Remove fresh paint splashes, grease or caulk with 50% isopropyl alcohol.

Wood doors need to adjust to humidity levels in a home and may warp slightly as seasons change—allow one full year for your door to acclimate to the environment in your area.

You may wish to remove door panels for moving or other reasons. If you need them removed, please contact your Marvin retailer for either detailed instructions or for a service person to remove the panel for you.

Problem: Swinging door panel needs horizontal or vertical adjustment.

Solution: Adjust hinges. You will need to determine if your door is equipped with adjustable hinges or butt hinges.

Adjustable hinges

Some swinging doors are equipped with adjustable hinges which allow horizontal and vertical adjustment after the door has been permanently installed.

Pictured: Adjustable hinges

To adjust panel(s) horizontally away from the hinge jamb, open the panel slightly to access the hinges, turn horizontal adjustment screw counter-clockwise using a 5/32" Allen wrench.

To move the panel toward the hinge jamb, turn Allen screw clockwise.

To raise the panel vertically, turn vertical adjustment screw clockwise using a 5/32" Allen wrench.

To lower the panel, turn the Allen screw counter clockwise.

Note: When raising or lowering panel vertically, it will be necessary to loosen or tighten all vertical adjustment screws so the weight of the panel will not be on just one hinge. Compare alignment marks on each hinge to ensure even weight distribution of the panel.

Butt Hinges

On doors equipped with butt hinges, there are 1/32" shims behind each leaf on all hinges (two shims/hinge).

Horizontal panel adjustment is possible by removing or redistributing these shims.

Pictured: Butt hinges

Problem: Swinging screen door slams or needs adjustment.

Solution: Adjust the closing tension on your swinging screen door by loosening the two screws attaching the door bracket to the screen panel. Slide the bracket and closer left or right as needed and tighten screws.

Adjust the closing speed by tightening or loosening the adjusting screw located at the rear of the cylinder assembly.

Problem: Damage has occurred to the Ultrex® door sill.

Solution: The sill of your Ultimate French Door is made of a tough composite called Ultrex. Should any damage occur to your sill, we recommend repairing it with CRCR Minute MendT Epoxy Putty. This material is easy to work with, is fully cured in 45 minutes, and will hold up to time and traffic.

Be sure to follow package instructions for use. You may order it along with touch-up paint through your Marvin dealer.


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