Sliding Patio and Ultimate French Sliding Doors

General Care

The Sliding Patio Door and Sliding French Door require very little maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently. Most problems can be eliminated by keeping the sill clean, ensuring smooth door operation.

Chemicals, solvents, paints and other harsh substances should never come in contact with the sill. Remove any paint, grease or caulk with 50-70% isopropyl alcohol.

Wood doors need to adjust to humidity levels in a home and may warp slightly as seasons change - allow one full year for your door to go through this process.

It is very seldom that door rollers, lock and hinges require lubrication. Occasionally use spray lubricant to keep operation smooth (rollers are visible underneath the operator panel).

Removing door panels is a relatively complicated procedure. Please contact your Marvin retailer for assistance, or see the installation instructions for full details.

Door General Installation Instructions

Problem: Operating panel does not slide smoothly.

Solution: You may need to adjust your door rollers from the inside. First, make sure your door is unlocked. Then, push the operator panel almost to the side of the jamb. A narrow strip of daylight will be visible between the door panel and the jamb.

If the gap appears wider at the top of the panel than at the bottom, adjust the roller nearest the frame downward or the roller on the side toward the stationary panel upward until the panel is level and the daylight strip is evenly spaced front top to bottom.

Adjust rollers by turning a flathead screwdriver in the adjustment holes at the base of your operator panel. If the gap appears wider at the bottom, first adjust the roller closest to the frame upward or the roller near the stationary panel downward until the panel sits level on the track.

Problem: Screen does not slide smoothly.

Solution: Check for debris collected in the sill track. Remove debris and clean the track with a mild detergent solution. Also check to see if you need to adjust the screen by turning the adjustment screws.

Problem: Sliding French door does not lock properly.

Solution 1: Close the panel slowly and check to see if the panel is hitting the keeper(s). If this is the case, loosen the two screws attaching the keeper to the jamb. Slide the keeper to the left or right as necessary and tighten screws.

Make sure that the keeper is in a vertical fashion. Adjust one keeper at a time and check panel operation before moving on to the next.

Solution 2: If the panel locks but does not seal tightly or will not lock at all, the center keeper depth needs to be adjusted.

To adjust keeper depth, remove the two screws attaching the keeper assembly to the locking jamb.

Remove the cover plate, keeper, and shims.

At the factory, one shim is installed in front of the keeper and one is installed behind the keeper. If more locking force is desired (panel does not seal tightly) move the back shim to the front. If less locking force is desired, move the front shim to the back. Once shim adjustment is made, replace the cover plate and screws. Make certain that the keeper is kept in a vertical fashion. Check panel for proper operation and adjust if necessary.

Ultimate Sliding French doors with multi-point locking hardware have three keepers while standard doors have two. Keeper depth adjustment is only possible on the center keeper for Ultimate units or on the bottom keeper for standard units.

Solution 3: If a thumb turn has a high operating force this may mean that the handle is not in line with the lock causing binding between the lock and handle. Remove and realign handle.

Problem: Damage has occurred to the Ultrex® door sill.

Solution: The sill of your Ultimate French Door is made of a tough composite called Ultrex. Should any damage occur to your sill, we recommend repairing it with CRCR Minute MendT Epoxy Putty. This material is easy to work with, is fully cured in 45 minutes, and will hold up to time and traffic.

Be sure to follow package instructions for use. You may order it along with touch-up paint through a Marvin retailer.


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