Ultimate Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

General Care

Periodically clean the vinyl jamb liners where the sash slides. Keep them dirt and grease free by washing with a gentle dish detergent. Check the exterior caulking on your double and single hung windows annually.

Problem: Clutch assembly has slipped.

Solution: Reset clutch. Sometimes when attempting to tilt or remove a sash, the clutch assembly that helps lift the sash slips. When this happens, the two clutches (one on either side of the window) will no longer be at the same height in the jamb track. The slipped clutch will need to be reset before the sash can be replaced.

Clutches are under extreme tension. Please use caution when following the directions below:

First you will need to raise or lower one clutch so that it matches the position of the other. Decide which clutch you wish to reset. Measure the other clutch’s distance from the sill on the opposing side and temporarily mark that dimension on the jamb carrier that contains clutch you will reset. (The clutches must be reset so that their respective heights in the jamb carrier system are within 1/8" of one another.) This will tell you where the slipped clutch needs to be repositioned.

Next, using a flat screwdriver, rotate the balance clutch cam in the clutch assembly of the slipped clutch to the released position. Clutches are under extreme tension! Hold the screwdriver firmly and slide the slipped clutch to the mark.

Rotate the balance clutch cam to the open locked position (cam opening up). Release the screwdriver carefully from the clutch assembly (it must lock in place or damage will occur).

Compare clutch heights from the sill for the sash affected. They must be within 1/8" of each other or damage may occur when sash are reinstalled, adjust height as needed.

Problem: Sash makes strange sounds when raising or lowering.

Solution: One or more finish nails that fasten the interior trim to the window may have penetrated through the jamb liner and into the balance tube. Remove trim and nails, then refasten with shorter nails or staples. Nail placement and size is critical! Keep all fasteners 1" from edge of jamb liner and limit fastener size to ¾" or less.

Problem: Sash movement is jerky.

Solution 1: Check to see if there is paint buildup on the edge of the sash. If paint is sealing the window closed, remove the sash, scrape excess paint off, open the window and sand until smooth. Refinish the window (leaving the sash open to dry).

Solution 2: Check for a broken balance system. Inspect jamb carrier assembly to make sure that both sash pivot pins are fully engaged in clutches. If one of the pins are not engaged in the clutches (clutches are not supporting the sash), lower sash to the disengaged clutch and tilt the sash in. Carefully tap on the sash to engage pivot pins in the clutch and tilt the sash in. Check operation of sash. If this does not solve the problem or the clutches are visibly damaged, you will need to contact your local Marvin retailer for service.


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