Awning Windows

General Care

Awning hinges, roto-gear operator arms, and sash guides can be oiled with a few drops of light household oil or silicone spray. Your roto-gear arms and assembly may differ from those shown; for instance, lever operators eliminate the need for a crank handle.

Operating hardware should be lubricated on occasion. Simply crank open the window and lubricate hardware with white lithium grease. Interior and exterior finishes can be cared for in the same manner as any other Marvin window or door.

Periodically inspect caulking around the exterior perimeter of the unit and apply new caulk if necessary.

Problem: Sash is difficult to open or close.

(If sash does not open or close at all, contact your local Marvin retailer for service.)

Solution 1: Check for paint buildup around the sash. If paint is sealing the window closed, scrape off excess paint, open the window and sand until smooth. Refinish (leaving the sash open to dry).

Solution 2: If paint isn’t the problem, your sash could be swollen due to being left open in the rain or high humidity. You can also push the sash closed from the exterior and lock it, giving it a chance to dry out to the proper dimensions. In this way, the problem may correct itself.

Solution 3: Make sure the sash tracks are free of dirt or paint buildup. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the sash guides, then lubricate lightly inside the track with petroleum jelly or silicone spray.


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