Magnum Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

Tilting the Sash

Unlock the window.

Loosen the sash retainer plates located on the top of the lower sash.

Raise the bottom sash about 3".

While pushing the left vinyl jamb liner into the frame with your left hand, ease the upper left corner of the lower sash toward you, popping it slightly off the vinyl jamb liner.

Now do the same with the upper right corner, pulling the sash toward your body with your left hand while depressing the jamb liner with your right.

You may make this process easier by using a 1/2" diameter dowel—just cut a dowel 1/2" longer than the sash width, then gently insert the dowel into the window frame, pushing the jamb liners into the sides of the window frame.

Pull gently on the sash until the top comes free of the window frame and the sash tilts inward.

Removing the Sash

To remove the sash altogether, lower the sash to a horizontal position, then lift one side, then the other, out of the locking assemblies to pop the entire sash out of the frame. Notice the sash pins protruding on each side of the bottom of the sash.

To remove the upper sash, open it about half way and remove in the same manner as the lower sash.

Replacing the Sash

When replacing sash, both sash pins must be positioned above the locking terminal assembly located in the vinyl jamb liner.

Should a locking terminal assembly slide up after removing the sash, reposition the locking terminal assemblies so that they are level with each other. Holding a flathead screwdriver firmly, pull the locking terminal assembly located in the jamb liner down to approximately 8" to 10" from the sill. Engage the terminal assembly in the locked position by turning the screwdriver towards you. Be sure assemblies are locked before removing screwdriver. Damage could occur if the terminal assemblies are not locked.

  • After making sure that the locking assemblies are even, hold the top sash in a horizontal position.

  • Insert one sash pin above the locking terminal assembly.

  • Raise the opposite side of sash and insert the sash pin above locking terminal assembly on that side.

  • Tilt sash up and, while depressing the vinyl jamb liner on both sides, ease sash into place.

  • Lower sash slightly until you hear a “click” to engage the sash pins into locking terminal assembly.

  • Raise the top sash to the top of the frame and repeat procedure for the bottom sash.

  • Lock the window.

  • Re-secure the retainer plates located on the top of the lower sash.

From our family to yours.

From our family to yours.