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Our windows are even more beautiful
when you're staring down a hurricane.

Gale through StormPlus

StormPlus Protection

Whether your home is located along the Gulf Coast, in Dade County, Florida, on Long Island, New York, or anywhere in between, StormPlus has a product line specifically designed to meet the codes in your region.

StormPlus RoundTop

Products and Options

Marvin's impact resistant windows and doors meet or exceed the strictest building codes with style, strength, and stunning beauty.

StormPlus Glass

Testing and Performance

StormPlus windows and doors are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Impact Tested for Whatever Storms Throw at You

Marvin StormPlus Casement tested for 2x4 impact

Marvin Windows and Doors' StormPlus® products are designed, tested and certified for energy efficiency, driving rain, impact resistance and cyclic pressure.

  1. Test Preparation and Impact Simulation: The product is installed in a test wall and an 8' 2 x 4 is launched from an air cannon at speeds of 50' per second, depending on the code. Some codes require the product to withstand impacts to the windows center and corner.
  2. Examination: After impact, the glass is checked for holes and rips that exceed certification criteria. The glass will shatter, but its laminated layers must preserve the product's structural integrity.
  3. Pressure Cycling: The StormPlus window or door undergoes pressure cycling tests. A cycling test simulates the intense pushing and pulling forces of hurricane winds.

Marvin StormPlus Laminated Glass for Impact Zones

IZ3 Glass Configuration IZ4 Glass Configuration IZ3 Logo IZ4 Logo

Impact Zone 3

Meets International Building Codes for coastal areas in Atlantic and Gulf Coast states.

  • Withstands winds from 120 mph to 140 mph
  • Stands up to wind-borne debris test: 8' long 2 x 4 stud shot at 50' per second
  • Extensive +/- pressure testing (9000 cycles)

Impact Zone 4

Meets International Building Codes for Florida and Miami-Dade County.

  • Withstands winds greater than 140 mph
  • Stands up to wind-borne debris test: 8' long 2 x 4 stud shot at 50' per second, multiple times
  • Extensive +/- pressure testing (9000 cycles)

Lightning storm on the ocean

Reinforced Sash, Frame, and Locking Points

During a hurricane, a home's seal - its structural envelope - can be breached through a broken window or door, allowing water and wind to enter, causing an increase in pressure that can lift the roof and push the walls outward. StormPlus® offers increased protection from these potentially damaging pusshing and pulling pressures with features that include multi-layer laminated glass (protection against flying debris), reinforced sash, frame and locking points, and unobtrusive hardware reinforcements.

StormPlus Product Certification for the Toughest Codes

Marvin impact zone products are certified by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and the Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office, Product Control Division. StormPlus® product samples are independently tested to ASTM standards and TAS (201, 202, 203) protocols, and listed on the Florida and Dade County product approval websites as well as the TDI website.


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