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Glass and Glazing Options

Marvin offers a range of standard, performance and specialty glass options:

Performance Glass Options

Glazing options such as LoĒ²-272® and LoĒ³-366® enhance energy performance.

Tempered and laminated glazing options are available to meet special safety and impact requirements.

Please visit your Marvin Dealer for more information on ENERGY STAR.

Glass Options

Insulating Glass
Insulating LoĒ² Glass (with or without argon)
Single Glazing with removable Energy Panel (wood units only)

Specialty Glass Options

Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options, including:

Gray Tint
Bronze Tint
Green Tint
Glue Chip
English 1/2" Reeded
Narrow Reeded
Austral (Cross Reeded)
White Laminated*
Satin Etched
Sandblasted (SC-75)

* Laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.

NOTE: Images may not be an accurate representation. Patterns and availability subject to change.

Screen Options

Standard Swinging Screen Door

Ultimate Swinging Screen Door

This tough, extruded aluminum swinging screen door provides solid protection and outstanding performance. The frame is made of the same thick metal as the cladding on the door itself, so both the profile and the finish match the exterior of the door perfectly. It also features die cast handles, an automatic closer and aluminum hinges. (See clad color options.)

The panels, constructed of extruded aluminum, feature traditional shadow lines for a beautiful millwork appearance. The panels are a breeze to install: the easy-to-remove, industry-exclusive panel system requires no tools. And no visible fasteners mean clean lines. The storm insert option makes them perfect for all climates. The durable extruded aluminum panels, 70% Kynar® 500 paint finish, and solid corner construction ensure these doors look great down the road. Marvin’s exclusive oval exterior handle gives the screen a classic look.

Screen Mesh Options

Charcoal High Transparency Mesh*
Charcoal Fiberglass*
Charcoal Aluminum Wire

Black Aluminum Wire
Bright Aluminum Wire
Bright Bronze Wire

* Charcoal Fiberglass mesh is standard on both wood and aluminum screen surrounds.


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