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Interior Finishes

Ordering Marvin Family of Brands windows and doors with factory-applied finishes is a great way to achieve ready-to-install products without the mess.


on Pine

on Pine

on Pine

on Pine

on Pine

on Pine

on Pine

Painted Interior Finish - White

Primed - White

Stained And Ready To Go
With Marvin factory-applied interior finishes you can order beautifully finished windows and doors that are ready to install the day they arrive. What separates our factory-applied finishes from other manufacturers, is that our unique, proprietary multi-step, integrated conditioning and staining process begins before a door or window is even assembled. Every single piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, two coats of clear finish, and is sanded and baked twice in an oven. Only then are your doors and windows built to your specifications. We do this because it is the only and best way to create a more consistent, durable and high-quality finish that brings out the natural beauty, texture, and grain of the wood. Available on Marvin products.

Stain and paint samples shown here are on pine and include: clear, honey, wheat, hazelnut, cabernet, espresso, leather, painted white, and primed white.

Please visit product pages for more information. Interior finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local retailer to see actual color samples.


Integrity All UltrexIntegrity All Ultrex windows and doors feature an Ultrex fiberglass interior with a patented Stone White finish that resists scratching and marring.

Integrity Wood UltrexWood-Ultrex features rich wood interiors in bare pine to stain or paint to match your interior; or a factory applied white for reduced job site finishing time and labor.

Stone White

Bare Wood (Pine)

Prefinished White


Stone White



Choose from two pre-finished interior colors, Stone White or Sierra. Or choose EverWood®, a stainable woodgrain interior to complement your existing décor. Both offer virtually no maintenance for years of lasting beauty.

Interior finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local retailer to see actual color samples.