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Marvin Performance Glass

Marvin offers several glass options. Your Marvin dealer can help you determine which glass is best for your climate or the unique needs of your project.

Marvin Specialty Glass

Marvin has several options of Specialty Glass available for unique project needs.

  • Low ELR: Sometimes known as Turtle Glass, a low reflectance coating is added to Low E glass.
  • Sound Transmittance Glass: Variable thickness glazing provides enhanced sound abatement performance. Available in Low E1, Low E2, Low E3, Tempered and Tempered Obscure.
  • California Fire Glass: Tempered glass for your projects located in California fire zones.

Marvin Decorative Glass

Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options.

To see additional glass options, visit product pages.


Integrity windows are offered with double strength Low E2 insulated glass with argon as a standard option. A selection of performance and specialty glass options are available to meet performance and code requirements.


We know how important energy efficiency is, and our standard Low E2 glass is a simple means of maximizing your home’s thermal efficiency year-round. Low E2 reflects heat back to its source, so summer heat is reflected outdoors and indoor heating in the winter is retained. Low E2 also blocks up to 84% of UV rays to reduce fading and damage to upholstery and carpet.