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You'll love these homes built with spite

By Berit Griffin April 2, 2014

Not every building can be designed and constructed with love. In fact, there is a colorful history of residential and commercial buildings erected out of sheer hatred.

So-called “spite houses” tend to look like architectural calamities — and not by mistake. Generally speaking, spite houses are built to defy urban planners, building codes or even disagreeable neighbors. Forget passive building — spite houses are all about passive aggression. But the stories that inspire them more than make up for the resulting eyesore. recently compiled a list of nine spite houses, including their back story. Here are a few of our favorites!



Location: Virginia City, Nevada

History: According to Mental Floss, “A Nevada man bought the lot next door to one of his enemies and built his own house less than a foot from his neighbor’s, blocking his neighbor’s view and cutting off the ventilation on that side of the house.”



Location: Frederick, Maryland

History: According to Mental Floss, “This 1814 mansion was built hastily by a local doctor who wanted to prevent the town from building a road through his property. A local law stipulated that the city couldn’t build a road if a building was being constructed in the path of the road, so Dr. Tyler quickly ordered that a foundation be poured for this mansion.”